Men and Their Sports

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Kemy


Men and Sports

I know I may get comments of all sorts

Yes, I am putting your gender in the spotlight today

You’re fair game for whatever I have to say

Are you ready handsome men

Hum…how about baseball; shall I begin

A ball and a hard whacking stick

If I was being naughty in thoughts, I will compare that to a …k

Fill those blanks in on your own accord

Today my keyboard is mightier than the sword

Don’t worry I’m not keeping any scores

Three bases to clear as you’re running

Teammates on their feet cheering you on as you’re gunning

Sliding straight into Home Plate at any rate

Congratulations heard with claps of elate

Bench cleared you’ve sealed our fate

For this jubilated day of grace

Yes! Yes! We just won the pennant race

World Series with seven games to play

Be that as it may

Stadium attendees all on their feet

Batter Up, feet implanted by cleats

Ball one

The pitcher’s ball is a smoking gun

Bottom of the Ninth Ending and the scores are tight

Now one wants to be watching after nine endings all night

Bases loaded

Trying at best to keep your mind from unfolding


Strick one as the empire call

Shoot I’m done

Looking around, darn I just had to be the last one

Pitcher takes his stand back on the mound

Looking down at the catcher’s hand signals like a bloodhound

You silently praying he pitches your groove

No longer worried about his signature move

Ball to bat

And just like that

Crowd on their feet smiling like a Cheshire cat

The final grand slam we’ve all been waiting for

Four men hustling home to score

Are you ready for some Football

Kemy’s favorite sport of them all

Coin toss

The other team loss

Deferred into the second half

He who scores first gets the last laugh

Quarterback controls the tempo

Four quarters of play memorized by the coach’s memo

Driving down a field of grass or turf

So many penalties, injuries, and beer commercials before our team scores first

Ten more yards to score

Offense against Defense a manly tug-of-war

Looking at the play clock’s countdown ticker

Pass, run, maybe even a trick play, or a flea-flicker

Ball sailing into the end zone

Knock Knock is anyone home

Touchdown for the Hometown

No so fast Red flag thrown

Official Review

With plenty of stadium boos


Ball returned

We’re not concerned

We try this play again

Team we are here today to win

Wait it’s a Quarterback sneak

Keeping alive our winning streak

Point kicked after

The win handed to us on a silver platter

Super Bowl

Two teams playing with heart and soul

Win or lose we learn to console

New England Patriots against my hometown the Philadelphia Eagles

Hum, anyone smell something hidden or illegal

Some say the games are rigged

For a viewership gig

The sole purpose of hitting a Vegas payout real big

Hey, did someone check all the footballs

For the good of us all

I would had loved to be a fly on that wall

One team practices are known to be unclean

No design to throw shade or sound mean

By hey it’s history

Ask Roger Goodell and his twisted tongue mysteries

Two great teams have outlasted the best

Left behind for a seasonal rest

AFC against the NFC

A great game this year, I guarantee

Vince Lombardi Trophy is the main goal

As long as the referees does not step out of their paid roles

Penalties after penalties backing up a team into their own hole

Or trust me, heads will began to roll

Go Philadelphia Eagles We Fly

Hanging other teams out to dry

Come February 4, 2018 we have a bigger fish to fry

Allow this last win to be our mental guide

As we stand by the principles of our pride

Bring our city home a championship

At least for the fans who made the Minnesota roundtrip

Basketball, I’m sorry fans, it’s just not my thing or game

Not meaning to add fuel to a sadden unlit flame

Men and their Sports

Hey, is there a sport where men wear shorts and are very popular

Ooh yeah, the muscular bodied men of Soccer

They do great tricks with their hands and their head

I wonder does those skills extend under the covers in bed

Let me praise the players of Hockey

Umm…those are some very handsome looking cocky jockeys

Some pictured in magazines straddling a Kawasaki

The Stanley Cup

I give you all my two thumbs up

So when women are disgruntled by the loud cheering and jeering

Just remember we are also in front of the television leering

Hard buns from the back, let’s not talk about the displayed front

Our imagination going wild secretly wishing for the weight of that blunt

Men and their Sports


This will be my last poem

I need to get back to writing within my novella of pomes

However, it has been fun

Submitted: February 01, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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Jim Green

Oh I love it. This was great fun to read. Wonderfully written. I hit the like button.

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 10:25am


Thank you my friend and Have great weekend!

Love and Hugs,

Fri, February 2nd, 2018 3:58am

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