Noel has been running from her abusive father and his abusive brothers. With no one, she can trust, and nowhere else to run to. Enter the vampire Micah, upon finding her he brings her back to his
home in the mountains. Where he gives her a new life in exchange for making it his. But the world of vampires is more cut and dry than it seems as she is tossed in the middle of the family drama
between his royal line the Blacks and the second in command the Vanderwilts. Fighting for a throne Micah has no interest in until the King dies. And every move they make becomes dangerous with each
passing day. Rule number One Noel: Do not leave your room after midnight. Rule number Two: Look at me and me only. and Rule number Three: Don't make me regret letting you live.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Leaves rustle around and crunch underneath. "Come here Noel," He says in a sing-song voice. This voice reaches me and drags... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

It's warm... I open my eyes and see the sky moving above me, or am I the one moving? I don't know anymore, but I don't think I care ... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Run! I told myself. It was dark, and the forest was endless, enveloping me in outstretched bony fingers in the silhouettes of winter ... Read Chapter

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