Who did it?

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Niya and her boyfriend Zack lived together but they argue a lot and they still love one another. One night Niya got bored so the called her bestfriend Sky. Zack was at work and she needed something to do so she called her...." hey sky." Niya said. "hey bestfriend wassup." Sky said." I'm just so bored i was thinking if me and you could go out tonight?" Niya asked. "I'm so glad you asked i as going to go out anyway just be ready at 9 I'll be there to get you ok." Sky said happily."ok see you later bestie." Niya said. She hung up and the phone. It was already about 7 so her being a girl she started to get ready. Hours later its was 8:45 and Zack had just got home...."baby!" yelled Zack." I'm up here."Niya said from upstairs." come down here i miss you i want to see you." Zack said. Niya came downstairs looking like a Queen." Damn" Zack said looking shocked. Niya smiled " Sky is on her way to come get me." Niya said." what, i just got home come on baby you cant  just leave." Zack said. " sorry i didn't think you would be home but i cant change it so yeah sorry baby." Niya said as she waled to the door. Zack blocked the door..." baby i want you to stay with me please i miss you girl." Zack said. Niya phone started to ring it was sky she answered it.. "hello" she said." Niya I'm outside come on." Sky said."ok I'm on my way out." Niya said. " Zack move out my way." Niya said. " no" Zack said still blocking the door. Niya pushed him out the way. " baby i will be back i want be gone long ok i promise." Niya said as she waled out the door. Niya got into Sky's car and the went to the club. When they got into the club every guy was all over Niya she was the most sexiest girl in that club. Hours of partying Niya went to  the bathroom and someone put something in her drink nobody saw who it was. When she got out the bathroom she drunk the drink that someone put something in. Niya was an the dance floor dancing then out of nowhere she passed out. Niya woke up the next morning in a hospital. " what happened to me?'' Niya asked. When she woke up she saw Zack,Sky and 3 doctors. " baby i think somebody put something in your drink when you wasn't looking." Zack said. " well Ms. Harper your going to be just fine just next time be on the look out for things like this." the doctor said. " thanks doc." Niya said. Zack took niya home. Niya was sick whatever it was it made her sick. Zack and Sky did everything they could to find out who did that to Niya." i can't even think who it could be nobody was over by her stuff." Sky said. " i told her not to go." Zack said. " Don't start Zack she wouldn't have had to go if you was at home she was lonley Zack." Sky said. " i know and i hate that but work is important." Zack said. " but you need to be asking yourself is your work more important then Nya." Sky said. After that Sky and Zack was still looking for who did it. Niya was still sick. It has been weeks then they found out who did it well Sky did the person who hurt Niya was Zack late that night when they was out Zack was mad so he put all types of stuff in her drink to teach her a lesson but leaving him at home by himslef. When Sky found out she tried to hurrie to Niya's house but tehn  Zack stopped her...." you cant tell her if she finds out she will kill me and leave me." Zack said. " you put her girlfriend in the hospitle and then you tell me not to tell her it was you OMG Zack what is wrong with you, you cheat on her then you lamost kill her thats just wrong." Sky said. Sky pushed him out the way and ran to go tell Niya everything. Sky made it to the house before Zack did and she told her everything about that night. Niya just cried she was hurt that he guy she loved would do her like that. Zack ran into the house minites lateer but i was to late Niya left with Sky and broke up with Zack for good.

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