The History of a Meassér and their coming to Valoría of Midgard

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A short story of who or what were the Meassér, why were they sent to earth. Who were Maldor and Silnór mentioned from the Legend of the Mage and the Faery?

Submitted: February 01, 2018

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Submitted: February 01, 2018



Of Iltór and Nélnuir and their coming to Valoría


There are not many Meassérs created but Élluar was one of the first stars created by another god of Asgard. He was later known as a Meassér, a guardian of earth. He too, went to earth to learn and to understand. After many years he became wise and shared many stories and laughter with the children. So he thought, I must do the same. Create life. Élluar, who was one of the powerful celestial gods, from different images of both men and women of earth he created Iltór and Nélnuir. He raised them from infant to young adult. Until they are a bit older, they too will follow their father's path. 
  The time has come. Iltór and Nélnuir who were granted to teach humans sorcery and healing, for good purposes. They each parted ways, Iltór to the far south of Azos, and Nélnuir, to Agnar, the City of Kings. For many years they learned about humans and their society. The meaning to live as one and to work as one. It was hard to Iltór but his students inspired him and even found the meaning of love and to care. He also found his first love, Liya, who taught him the ways of being human and their history. Which later married and had two sons, Maldor and Silnór, who they will carry on the legacy for Iltór. As for Nélnuir, she agreed to help King Agron to win the war against his enemies, the Orcs of Derzûrdal. She gained his trust and offered Nélnuir to stay in his castle to do her duty. Although Nélnuir is immortal yet beautiful, Prince Alren, son of Agron, fell eyes for her. They both did. King Agron gave their blessings. Two years later, Nélnuir gave birth to a daughter, Miathén, when she comes of age. She will do the same as Nélnuir did when she came to earth. For years, Iltór and Nélnuir still stayed to watch over the humans and their beloved ones but when Maldor became too greedy for more power, he was upset that his power did not equal to his father's. Iltór refused to teach his son powerful magic for that he is not ready. Maldor became furious which ended his father's life. Silnór suddenly disappears. Nélnuir felt her beloved brother's spirit who became a brightening star to watch over her. She was heartbroken. All she can do is protect Agnar for as long as she can but it was too late. It's been twenty years, Maldor finally came for her power. He played a dirty game for who Nélnuir will save first, her daughter or her beloved king, Alren. Nélnuir teleported her daughter somewhere so far away from where Maldor will never find her but Alren was killed when she tried to save him. Nélnuir seeks Silnór's help which they used up all their power to seal Maldor deep into the catacombs of Derzûrdal,"when the sun goes black and the spell breaks, then you shall return but not as powerful as a Meassér, traitor." Nélnuir then dies where she will be reunited with her brother, Iltór and watch over her beloved daughter, Miathén.

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