Pandorum: The Story as it should have been told

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I like the movie but thought that it had so many holes in the plot and unnecessary twists that it drove me nearly insane. This is my attempt at tying the storyline together so that it makes more
sense. At least to me...

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Roused During training, the military had told him that waking up from cryogenic sleep was a little painful but they had ... Read Chapter


Chapter 2: Exploration Since, nothing made sense, nothing was working, he couldn't get out of the room he was in, the situation was a... Read Chapter


Chapter 3: Altercation What an absolute horrible way to die. Bower was still counting his blessings that he was spared the same f... Read Chapter


Chapter 4: Contact Bower ran like his ass was on fire. He'd never moved so fast in his life. The thought of something inhuman bitin... Read Chapter


Chapter 5: Reminisce Bower was staggered by a flood of memories entering his brain like a whirlpool, swirling and draining into his ... Read Chapter


Chapter 6: Shepard Bower climbed the ladder two decks up and continued aft. As he passed into the main corridor, he noticed a silen... Read Chapter


Chapter 7: Mahn With Shepard leading the way, Bower ran as fast as he could towards the housing containers and storage bays. Despit... Read Chapter


Chapter 8: Payton Payton was furious. Since Bower had been pursued by the hunters, Payton lost all communication with him and fea... Read Chapter


Chapter 9: Changes Bower could hardly believe that he was saved and was amazed at how the diminutive Asian man was strong enough to... Read Chapter


Chapter 10: Nadia Nadia headed the opposite direction along the same passage. At first, Bower thought the hallways here were very n... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Memories Intermittently between using the com system to contact Bower, Payton was searching the computer archives for a... Read Chapter


Chapter 12: Death When Nadia had finally agreed to lead them to the reactor, Bower had been ecstatic, but after he stepped into the... Read Chapter


Chapter 13: Leland As the three of them ran, they could hear most of the hunters stopping short to feast upon the two hunters that ... Read Chapter


Chapter 14: History "When I had first found Gallo," Leland told them somberly, "he was dying. He had been wounded badly from a figh... Read Chapter


Chapter 15: Realization "Payton do you copy?" It was Bower calling on the radio. "Do you copy? Can you hear me?" Payton had been ... Read Chapter


Chapter 16: Losses They marched single file out of the storage tank, using the directions that Payton had laid out for them. Mahn w... Read Chapter


Chapter 17: Gallo Gallo felt like a new man. He had missed himself. He was back now and he had a lot of work to do. Seating himself... Read Chapter


Chapter 18: Reactor The four companions had become aware that their movements were under surveillance through the ship's closed-cir... Read Chapter


Chapter 19: Control As Gallo sat watching through the security cameras, he was impressed with the small group's resilience. They ha... Read Chapter


Chapter 20: Diversion Mahn and Leland pried the door opened just enough to slide a large bar into the gap. They both pulled in unison... Read Chapter


Chapter 21: Reunion Bower could hear the shrieks of the hunters in the next room. He located the bar sticking out of the door to Na... Read Chapter


Chapter 22: Showdown Mahn swung at the disgusting hunter child but it swiftly leaped back away from him hissing. Its black eyes were ... Read Chapter


Chapter 23: Rescue Bower wheezed and coughed after he closed the door behind him. He had held his breath, but the remnants of the t... Read Chapter


Chapter 24: Sacrifice Leland stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of the hand gun. The thought of Gallo being armed with a semi-... Read Chapter


Chapter 25 Convergence Bower followed Nadia through the twisting tunnels and hallways. She was going too fast, traveling too reckle... Read Chapter


Chapter 26: Farewell Mahn drifted in and out of consciousness as he lay outside the Bridge door. His body was on fire but not in a ... Read Chapter

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