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Lucia lost her boyfriend George to death few days after a small cafe fight.


The look on her face showed she was tired and angry at the same time.

"He never keeps to time" She said to herself as she looked at her wristwatch repeatedly.

The restaurant was getting filled and the environment was beginning to bore her, especially after waiting for George getting to an hour now.

The rest of the week has always been too busy for her, as she have to deal with work at the local state Bank. Weekends seem to be the only free time she has to spend with her boyfriend, George, so it has become a tradition to handout mostly Saturdays.

"Oh there you are.." A voice said behind her.

It was George!

"Hey baby, am so sorry for keeping you waiting. I had....."

"Oh please!..." She cuts in abruptly.

"You don't have any reasonable explanation to justify your actions, do you?" She said with raised brows

She continued talking as George adjusted his seat in front of her across the table. He understood she was mad and decided to keep shut instead. She kept on with her words and it was clear she was letting it off the edge.

"Lucia, I said am sorry and I really mean it..." He breaths deep. "I promise it won't happen again" He concluded with a slight grin as he eyed her.

He tried teasing her but she was really accustomed to being moody. To him it was rather unusual and so unlike her.

"Is anything wrong with you? I mean you're taking this rather too personal" George said.

"Really?.." She responded amused. "You think I'm crazy right? You think it's cool leaving me waiting for you almost this long? You think..." She said as she scoffed rudely.

"But I said am sorry" George added.

"Sorry indeed! You show no concern about all these, you think its funny?" She said, this time really raged.

The atmosphere was filled with tension as Lucia kept ranting in cruel emotions.

"You know what? I really don't care. I don't" She said as she looked in Georg's eyes.

"Get lost!"

She said almost in a scream as she made haste towards the exit.

The scene left George almost skull-dumb, with his mouth agape as he starred in total awe. * * *

Ring! Ring! Ring!...

Lucia's phone kept ringing as she ignored the caller. She hugged her pillow with disgust and anger. She knew she had taken it a little too far, but she was not in for remorse now. Not anytime soon.


George at the other hand was worried and really felt bad. He kept on calling and texting. He was worried about getting her so mad and losing her altogether.

"Please pick up your phone" He said as he kept trying. His unmanliness was beginning to show as tears trailed down his face.

The following day, he had called her earlier yet she wouldn't pick up. He dropped by to see her but she avoided him instead.

He was in total despair. Such a heartbreaking mess he was in.

"I'm sorry"

He texted her as he dropped his phone.


It was Monday morning when Lucia decided to call George. She didn't want to start her work week so badly.

Unable to reach him, she decided to call his office.

"Hello..." The person on phone said.

"Hello, it's Lucia. Can I reach George?" She said.

"Oh Lucia sorry, George is unavailable at the moment as he is battling critical health issue" The voice said.

"What!!! George is sick?" She almost screamed.

She hung up so quickly and made her way to the hospital where George was.

In no time she was at the hospital. She waited in the common room as she was told George was being attended to by the emergency protocol.

After a long wait, the door to the emergency room opened.

"Sorry, we did all we could..." The surgeon said.

"We lost him"

Lucia stood for seconds without a single word or motion. Her world was in total shock. Her heart rate was tripled as she reechoed the surgeon's words in her mind.

"No!!!" She screamed finally. She wailed and screamed so loudly. It was too much a loss for her to bear.

She could only bear not picking his calls and avoiding him just for few days. There's no way she would endure not seeing or talking to George forever!

To her it was her greatest lose. Not having George is like not having a family to call her own.

She walked inside and there was George lying so peacefully. His smiles which used to be so cute on him was now sour. His daring eyes which used to melt her heart was now shut forever.

She figured out she was so harsh on George lately. Maybe it was her ego, maybe it was because he was quite unfortunately to have showed up late for their date on the very day she was experience mood swings earlier.

It is true George died as result of cardiac failure, but somehow she knew she contributed to it also. She broke his heart so badly.

She beheld his lifeless body as she wept bitterly.

"George..." She said between tears.

"I'm sorry!"


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