Coming out of the friend Zone

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Since when was friendship so hard? When did I start to really notice you? Why is it getting harder to fight the attraction?

Laurie and Steven are seniors in high school getting ready for the Spring dance when they finally can't fight the attraction any more. Come join them in their journey of their feelings.

This is my first time attempting to write. Please give me your honest opinions. Hope you enjoy :)


"Damn it Steve stop tickling me! Your gonna make me piss myself!"  "Not til you tell me what Diane said." Diane was the girl he was crushing on in our P.E. class. 5"7, Blonde hair, Green eyes, tits and ass for days. Absolutely gorgeous. I hate her. All the guys in school can't keep their eyes off of her. Including the one guy I can't keep my eyes of. "I told you that she asked me not to tell you. Now quit fucking tickling me before I throat punch you asshole." "Fine, I'll quit, but your a bitch."  "That's why you love me."  Every time I say that he tries to hide his blushing as he is now. "Mhmm whatever you keep telling your self that. But for real L, what did she say? Your my friend, not hers remember? Quit rolling your eyes. Just tell me pleeeaassseee?" Oh man I love them eyes. Them big, round, deepest, sexiest eyes I've ever seen. He knows I can't say no when he looks at me like that. "Ugh you get on my damn nerves. While we was in the locker room she told Stacey that she was gonna ask  you to the spring formal. She noticed I was at my locker beside her so she basically threatened me not to tell you. I actually was gonna anyways but I love torturing you. You make it so easy." Actually, I wasn't gonna tell him. I was gonna make some plans with him that he wouldn't ever want to cancel. I didn't know what that was gonna be but that was my plan. Keyword, was. "Yeah, right. L, but seriously, thanks. Now maybe I won't  be so nervous." "Why would you be nervous? She's the biggest slut in school." Actually she wasn't, that was Sarah Silverman, but she's irrelevant. "Are you jealous Laurie? Do you want to go with me, your true love?" Omg I know I'm probably Tomato red. Every time I accidentally show my jealousy towards him he mentions that he's my true love. He is, but he doesn't know that. Well hell he might as red he makes me. "Oh my god yes, I'm sooo jealous. I dream every night of you taking me to a stupid high school dance. Sweetheart, if your my true love, then I'm yours." "You are." He said so low I barely heard him. "I gotta go L. Later." And just that quick he was gone. What the fuck just happened? Did he just basically tell me he was in love with me? I know what i just heard. Fuck. I did hear that, right?


Shit I didn't mean to say that aloud. I've been in love with Laurie since the fourth grade. She moved next door and I haven't gotten her out of my head since. She's 5"2, a hour glass figure I'd love to get my hands on, jet black hair and hazel brown eyes I could drown in. Unfortunately, we'll only ever be friends. She basically told me that one drunken night. We was coming home from a party and she was wasted. I helped sneak her in her window and got her into bed. She told me "Steve, I swear I  don't know what'd I'd do without you. Your the bestest  friend a girl could ask for." Ugh. I want more. But since that's not gonna happen, I'm trying to get with Diane to help me get over Laurie. L said she was a slut but actually she's one of the most respected girls in our class. She was president seven years straight before Brenda decided to run.
Fuck why did I have to blurt out that she was the love of my life?.. Fuck there went the only friend I've ever wanted..
Hmm hopefully that's her texting..
"I'm sorry I was such a bitch. She's not a slut. I just want you to be happy." Your what makes me happy Laurie ugghh. I'm tired of hiding my feelings. I'm gonna get her. Or I'm gonna die trying..  "Like you said earlier, thats why I love you.." Now I wait.. She probably won't even res..**DING** "???? Want her number?" Hell no. "Naw I'm good actually. I think I found a better date to the dance. IF she says yes anyways.." God I hope this goes as planned.. **Ding** "WHO?!" You baby, you. "You? Your the only one I'd really have fun with so if I can't go with you I'm  not gonna go." God please respond.. Twenty-seven minutes. That's how long I stared at my phone until she texted back. "Sounds like fun. I'm down. Your paying tho." Haha. "Always baby, always. It's a date."

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