diadia pëdr sharp finale of Dr. Koch

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dr koch is appointed for the project and disappears while on his mission. now, everything needs to be investigated, but further investigation only creates questions...

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018





Diadia p?dr sharp finale kurva soldeme kock of Dr Koch who researches project unceilified cocks behavior in the environment of Thaiga Belarus. Dr. Koch was reluctant to uptake the research of said subjective phenomenon but was given the ultimate promise of cat on a donkey and could not resist. Thus Dr. Koch headed for the heart of Thaiga Belarus to find the infamous metro of unceilified cocks. There it was -69 degrees so doctor froze his cock…


…Suddenly, Dr. Anus wakes up from his Koch cock dream. He puts his spectacle on his wives belly and exclaims with his cock out: “I must find the infamous Dr Koch and his frozen cock which is now a very expensive artifact that will make me rich and get me pussy”.

Dr. Anus puts his underwear on and heads for the Thaiga Belarus on a donkey that has a big cock. In thaiga belarus he is greeted by a deal from Shenzhen. Dr anus asks him — do you have coordinates to metro393x of the famous unceilified cocks?

— meyo la

Doctor says ok

Doctor go to heart of thaiga now. There he find the infamous metro393x. Anus look around. Then he look around again. Then one more time. But no cock of Dr Koch in sight. Dr Anus look at the metro. It is all snow around because it is -69 degrees but the black metal roof head of the old metro sticks out.

Dr. Anus put his anus on the cock metro. His anus is special for it tells him what is under the object that the anus is touching. And it told him nothing. So he must investigate to find the cock.


Dr Anus use his brain and think. Then he think again about the cock magic. It appeared in his mind and he was able to think of the mysterious metro in a way of donkey cat pyramid and he went to the metro and open the roof head. Roof head no more, so doctor decided to go in even though it was really dark. When doctor in, he don’t see no cock no anuscock or nothing. Because it was dark and Anus did not have power in his anus.

Dr must return his Anuspower because without it he could be eaten by an unceilified cock in the notorious cock metro. Dr think of Dr Koch. And his anus power. And power back now. Now Dr anus go deeper in the metro anus. He go deep and deep in the anus of cock metro until he discover light. It light up the whole anus room like lightbulb. There were 3 exists from the room besides back to the anus. There was door 1 which said Creature. Door 2 which said Anuswaßer. And there was door that said 69.

Dr Anus think of his dream. In dream there was cock and there was Koch and the metro was infamous for the unique phenomenon of unceilified cocks. “What could have happened to Koch and his frozen cock?” Dr Anus thought. “It is very unlikely that a metro that was kurvazol like a suka yebanshka could be the reason for structural cock annihilation in the extended sense. Thus why is it the main mission of Peniscrew? That is not why Dr Koch was here. And that changes the set of ways he could have froze his cock and vanished. I must investigate the door with the highest number on it.



liquid on it. When he touch the door, the liquid made him stuck. Then a giant frozen cokamaus appeared and started speaking German. Anus don't understand so the cokamaus went to the doctor and started to bite his cock. Anus was very disappointed in the culture and his cock. But then he started to enjoy. Cokamaus was scary because it was speaking German, and Hitler is German, so even when cokamaus bite dik, it still scary. But then doctor started to get free from the liquid he was in. Even though his cock was cut, it was a good cutting. But now he had to go. He said goodbye to cokamouse and enter the door.


 As Dr. Anus walked through the 69 door, it was dark and he could not see anything. It was very scary indeed. Then he hit the wall and fell. He fell so bad he broke his cock and lost consciousness…

— “Dr. Anus?”

— “…”

— “Dr. Anus!?”

— “W-What?”

Dr. Anus slowly opened his eyes. He sat up and looked. He saw a big cock and a small cock. They were talking to him. But they weren’t medium cocks, they were a big cock and a small cock which was weird, so Anus started walking away. He go back but door 69 is now closed and he realized that he is now trapped with two cocks. He had to turn around. But he so no cock. So he went forward and suddenly heard a noise from the back.

—“Dr. Anus!!!”

Dr. Anus was really scared now. He started to run. But he remembered there was a wall which he hit and broke his cock on last time. So he stopped and was trapped. The cocks came up to him. All though they were a big cock and a small cock, they were human-sized, but one was the bigger cock. They surrounded Dr. Anus and raped him, which killed him.

© Copyright 2018 Jerko Spirochigchev. All rights reserved.

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