Man With Many Faces

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

First book of the series. When his allies were poisoned and brainwashed by his enemy, demon Morphus, Sabgyn Finnerman thought that life couldn't get worse than that. Turns out he was wrong, it
could get much, much worse. When he finds himself possessed by countless spirits of the dead, he has only one thing he needs to do- infiltrate enemy's city as a local baker!

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Submitted: February 02, 2018

She was chasing me. The Dragon Marked One, girl named Shadelin was trying to stop my escape and capture me. My name is Sabgyn; I am the T... Read Chapter

Chapter 1- Fallen Country

Submitted: February 02, 2018

We people of the city of Jambol, now frightful Ashu Desired only peace thru all the ages, you can confirm it from history at any page... Read Chapter

Chapter 2- The Attack

Submitted: February 02, 2018

Started the meeting in palace, as smoothly as king had hoped Surrounded by his warriors, ruthless fighters with intention to kill, ma... Read Chapter

Chapter 3- Search

Submitted: February 02, 2018

The fright that robbed all thoughts of sleep, hurling chaos in disturbed mind Feeling he almost forgot, with the time slowing beyond ... Read Chapter