Man With Many Faces

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1- Fallen Country

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018



We people of the city of Jambol, now frightful Ashu

Desired only peace thru all the ages, you can confirm it from history at any pages

All our enemies were done, gone, left us alone

Unexpected threat, Fire king of dread

Nightmare became our life, losing many lives for what? King’s ceaseless desires!

Why to pain us so, we are your people after all

You overthrew our queen, under whom you served, who gave power to you

How have you betray us for sake of your desire

We saw the people starving, dying regardless old or young

Resisting you we started, formed a Rebel group, loyal to queen and people

We tried to overthrow, your so called highness, yet we failed, we tried again

We simply lack the power, to resist you at this hour, all the fine people you destroyed, you robbed us of all hope

Yet we continue fighting, hoping that with age, fire would cease to exist

It might stop us now, incinerate all around us

We tried to find allies from countries beyond Ashu, but were too late for king destroyed them too

Our leaders’ only hope, to find the right moment to strike, we will be waiting to get rid of your kingly head!

Oh king can’t you see, you’re tormenting us, you are no friend of your people

So why can’t you set us free, if we were birds we want to fly away, none wants to stay and die, while you eat your pie!

We’re people of Jambol, never giving up on hope to rebuild the lost glory of our city!

So if we get the chance, we wouldn’t show you pity!

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