Man With Many Faces

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2- The Attack

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018



Started the meeting in palace, as smoothly as king had hoped

Surrounded by his warriors, ruthless fighters with intention to kill, making more blood spill

Black Knight and Silver Noian, both utterly loyal and dependent on his whim, both with powers granted by him

Aldan’s decision to kill leader rebel, demoralize others, with his head on a pike

Preventing future problems, to rule as he would like

“Oppose me, loose everything including your head” was the words he used and abused

Moved all members of council to the place where more souls were let away, the place of beheading

King’s favorite place to go, thinks to himself “the more times I come here, the less I see opposition”

Looking over ten meters away stood the unfortunate victim in chains, bruise marks all over the place

He took the beating so much, he could barely stand, all to protect his family and land.

Noble cause it would be for human eyes, but the king lost his human side a long while back

And it doesn’t look like he will regain it, forever to kill

Victim stood helpless, watching with stone dead eyes, while the royalist recited the crimes the man was accused of.

It took three men to force the victim on execution table, head in the hole, to cut it off

The executioner raised his ax, prepared to slice the veins that hold together the body and brains

Making his last word goodbye, victim has closed his eyes, prepared to die

Suddenly, a flash of silver sweeps through, cutting the ax from its wood, just when it was lowered.

The deadly metal fell on the ground, in front of the prisoner, who saw his own reflection on it and screamed

The king’s servants went, to the place where daggers came from, only to find their own demise from the same weapons

The dark silhouette emerged behind the council, if it wasn’t for Black Knight’s keen eye, king would be dead on ground, from a strike of katana

Loyalty to his king unmatched by any other, Black Knight fought the intruder, forcing him back couple of steps

Clashes of swords followed by quick steps were only things heard; dust started covering everything from people’s sight

Then there was a sound of sword piercing flesh, dust cleared off revealing Black Knight and his fallen foe

Full of anger, the knight tore the mask away, only to reveal it was a dummy made of hay

The council of king soon realized, prisoner was gone, just like the intruder, leaving Black Knight to fight himself in the dark,

What a fool!

Dishonor branded in his name, knight swore revenge to intruder, whom he will roast on a stake

Meanwhile, the stranger and prisoner were running on top of buildings

No words exchanged, victim on stranger’s back stayed, until they reached the highest of towers

Then did the stranger untie the knots and chains that held the man down, but instead of attacking him head on

The man was awed, “What sort of man are you? To withstand the Black Knight and attack the king? What is thy purpose in this forsaken land?”

The stranger stood silent, and then replied “I am stranger of Midnight, I came here to help”

Disbelief settled in man’s eyes, the stranger was standing like he knew everything what was, is, and will be

His clothes were dark, with spiked edges and small golden stripes, the mask concealed his face was dark with golden angles, making the spots where his eyes should have been complete darkness

The prisoner bowed to the Stranger, and said “Thank you, kind man, saving my life from this vultures. I am Jon of Jambol. I am loyal only to the rightful ruler of this land. I …”

“Save your breath, I am here for the same cause. “ With his words the stranger pointed toward the people below them. “Your friends are there, crying of your demise, I think you should stop their suffering.”

Mystified Jan was surprised to see that Stranger’s words were true indeed, his comrades were losing hope, and he could stop it fast

“Thank you, Stranger” said Jan second time, bowing with respect, and left toward the comrades

When Jan looked back, there was none on top of the building, he felt only a breeze thru the air, and words “Help your queen”.

Jan and his comrades rejoiced for their leader was alive, yet Jan was preoccupied with wonder who or what was his rescuer, and why did he help?

When Jan returned to his queen, Ellis, the rightful ruler of land, he bowed to her

Queen beckoned to him, “It is wondrous that your are alive, sir Jan of Jambol, Your escape would encourage people not to give up our cause, all thanks to you”

Sir Jan kept his head low; sensing the disturbance his queen asked him what happened and how he got free

Slowly and calmly, sir Jan spoke “A man strong enough to hold down the Black Knight and fool him, brave enough to alone attack the king, fast enough to escape with me on his shoulder, wise enough not to reveal his identity. He called himself Midnight Stranger.”

The queen remained silent, but her face betrayed her innermost thoughts

“What are your thoughts about this my queen?” asked Sir Jon, aware of how this news would affect her

“I think we have an ally” was the only words she said before she called the council of Jambol, leaders of opposition

The council was filled with awe of the tale of Midnight Stranger, some were jolly- with realization that a strong person has joined their side, yet some where suspicious- he was an unknown ally, could he be trusted.

Finally the queen spoke “What should we do about this?” by a majority vote council decided to contact the Stranger

A voice within the crowd, said “He also is too swift to follow”, it was none other than Sir Jon himself

“So what” asked Sebastian, the elderly member of council

“Even if we find, which is doubtful, I don’t think we can follow him, his speed is so great he was gone out of sight when an eye blinked”

“All right then, if we can’t contact him, we will act independently of him, but if you encounter him don’t harm him.” Said the Queen Ellis, confirming the meeting as done.

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