Man With Many Faces

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3- Search

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018



The fright that robbed all thoughts of sleep, hurling chaos in disturbed mind

Feeling he almost forgot, with the time slowing beyond its borders

A threat nevertheless the stranger was a threat, a threat that he soon will have eliminated

But what is the use of a corpse of the stranger, dead and lifeless cold

He could be so much more as an ally, thus eliminating the threat and gaining power at the same time

He need to only make the stranger swear the oath of loyalty upon the flame stone, and stranger would be his to play with

Surprisingly, the stranger was strong enough to handle and deceive the Black Knight, an unmatched force on the battlefield, second most powerful one in Ashu.

Indeed, a man with his skills could become a very strong ally

The king was more amazed with the power the intruder wielded, rather than the incompetency of Black Knight

He kept convincing himself that he was the only one with the power over elements, supreme overlord, unchallenged by any mortal

Yet, it was obvious he was shaking from fear, the assassination attempt was one step too close

He needed to find the stranger, a tough job considering it could be anyone, so he ordered all suspicious people to be collected in a place, stacked like sheep, until found guilty one among them

A possible ally or not, the stranger was a threat …

Inside the castle, leaning upon his sword stood the dark knight, the last one of old order, fallen in the eyes of others, yet loyal to his sole master

Uttering the oaths he said when he joined the king, when he was defeated, when his loyalty shifted, but not many knew that he bore his own secrets

Joining the king was not only appealing for his survival, but also it would mean that he could attain the portion of dark power for which he long desired

The feeling of given power had changed him since then, making him the pawn to the king, corrupting his mind, heart, and soul, by his own choice

In those days he felt invincible, besting every person, every challenger, beaten by none in combat, he indeed was a born warlord

Unknown to all, but king alone, his life starting point was a dark past, full of pain, which in turn led him to his path

He once loved, had a family, had a desirable life at farmland, until the wars started

He didn’t live in Ashu back then, so unlike the peaceful latter the city of Son was frequently at war with its larger neighboring lands, Akbar and Daw

Initially, reluctant to join the fight, the man tried to protect the people he loved, but his efforts proved futile

During the mass raid on his city, in order to demoralize city’s protectors, all women and children were cut down, streaming rivers of blood down the land, giving the land its new name, Bloody Red Sorrow

The memories of his loved ones cut away from him haunt him until this day, even with darkness filling for all his feelings, the sights still torment him in his nightmares, begging him to see them

He was a slave after that day, a slave willing to kill, it wasn’t until the king of Ashu found him, and realized his potential, for the vengeful heart at his side as an ally- a perfect opportunity for overlord

Since his conversion into Black Knight, he hunted down every single person who sacked his homeland, he found quite a few, but after a while the seed of evil planted to him by his king erased every memory of his humanity, leaving only an evil shell loyal to king alone

Yet he still failed to find solitude

Now, beaten by a trick, humiliated in front of his master, he desired to hunt down the stranger, and return with his head on a pike

No matter how much the city was searched, no person exactly matched the description of the criminal, leading to hundreds, if not thousands of arrests and releases in a week

The only place untouched by guards was the bakery, the man was simply too obese to be the criminal, and disturbing him meant disturbing the recovery of starving city

The baker continued on cooking for people, not paying for bread made poor strive, old thanked him, referring him as their savior, the young saw him as a member of their family

He captured people’s hearts thru their stomachs

After his day at work was done, he came to wash the dishes, but then he saw that a person was calling him for a piece of pie

It was a lady of twenty, so beautiful the man felt his heart melt, her lips red like roses in the spring, her nose cute as child’s smile, her skin neither pale or dark, her eyes, ah those eyes seemed to be staring at his bare soul

She seemed to be from a poor family, judging from her clothing

When the baker gave her a pie, she thanked him and invited him to talk to her at the table

Unable to refuse to such a beauty, the baker tried not to faint while he went to join her at the table

“Who are you fair sir?” Asked the lady, in a voice that reminded him of blue jay’s song

“I am a baker of this land, now” Answered he, shyness coming to his voice, kinda wishing to stop the giggling noise

“I meant your name” Baker could tell, the girl was the type that pushes for answers, not one of the silly dancers

He thought of many name, but blurted out “ Saaai”

“So Sai, huh, so nice to meet you”

“Hum, you too”

“Look I know you’re a baker sent by the king, so be honest, what you think so far?” Girl was impatient to know, her words as swift as wind blow

“Um, yeah, so, so far so good?” He didn’t know what to say, so why not go on with the play?

Blank expression settled on her pretty face, now not smiling, her hand rose, as if to slap him, but she put it down at the last moment. “Good, what you see in this good? Death surrounds us every day, king’s greed kills us until his insatiable belly fills, and by that time we are goners. How can you say anything is good?”

Baker was dumbfounded, not only she was pushy; she was also strong and brave, type of lady for every man to crave

He thought to himself, if she is such a difference maker, she must be one of resistance, with her charm and voice, any rebelling organization has a choice. “At least we can peacefully talk.”

“True” He could sense she was almost about to cry, it felt like someone was about to die.

Only loss could make such a majestic lady weep ponds on the ground, so the baker thought why not it be the next question to toss”

“You lost someone dear to you haven’t you?” Baker asked carefully, fully knowing her answer would be told truly

“My parents, who tried to resist, and my grandfather who lay dying in my arms” Tears fell on her dress, so baker decided not to press

“I am sorry”

“No, I am sorry. You had nothing to do with this, I think I am blaming innocents just because they work for the king” With these words she stood and proceeded to leave, only for baker to offer her handkerchief.

“Thank you” said she, and left, leaving only a piece of pie on a dish

What she didn’t see was the shift in the baker’s eyes, which usually were of solid brown, so suddenly it occurred that none but him noticed. Oak color replaced by bloody red, and spoke he in a voice too strong for a man of his size

“Sacrifices wouldn’t be in vain, promise you that.”

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