the old cabin

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I was walking though the woods one day I happened to find an old cabin it hasn't been used in ages I decided to walk on by but something kept telling me to go back in look inside so I did what the
voice told me to do I went inside that old cabin and what I seen was an old dusty Bible laying on that dusty old wood floor I picked it up and I wiped the dust off and I opened up the Bible and
started to read and what I read brought me to tears about a man that was crucified on a cross and died for our sins, I never knew this man existed until now I read more about him and the more I
cried, then I felt a hand touch my face and then I heard a voice say it happened many many many years ago and what you read was the truth I died for your sins and today you can walk out of this
cabin a changed man or you can go back to your old life what would like to do I said I want to be changed man but I don't know how to do that and Jesus replied do you believe in me and do you
accept me into your life I said Jesus I do believe and I do accept you but i have done many things wrong in my life Jesus replied I know of all your sins and those sins can be washed away by my
blood if you just ask me to for give you so I bowed my head and asked to be forgive and he replied you are forgiven now take this Bible and learn more about me and go teach others about me I said
will do as you say thank you Lord for leading me to this old cabin I'm a changed man now 1/23/2018

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