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Once was a town called Claremont. Everyone knew each other. One day a drifter rode into town, riding on a black horse. People stared at him as he rode on by them. A young woman had caught the
drifter's eye, she had on a blue bonnet, he said "pardon me Ma'am, where could I find the stable?" She looked at him and said, "just straight ahead." He tipped his hat and said "thank you" and went
on his way. He got to the stable and the caretaker walked up to him and asked "how can I help you stranger?" He said "I'll be staying for while, so how much would it be?" The caretaker said "10
cents," with a shaky voice. The stranger stepped down off the horse and gave the caretaker the money and began to walk off. He heard a mans voice ask "what is your name?" He just walked off to the
saloon and the old bar keeper looked at him and said stranger "I see two guns on you and I don't want any trouble in my saloon." The stranger looked at him and said "barkeep, I just want one drink
and I'll be on my way." So he poured him a drink and said "that be 2 bets." The stranger finished his drink and paid and walked out. As he walked out, he seen that young woman with that blue
bonnet. He walked up to her and said "pardon me again ma"am, where is the hotel?" She looked at him and said "follow me, and I will take you to it, and my name is Sara, and you making a lot of
people nervous walking around with those two guns." He said "I'm aware of this." She asked him, "why do you wear those guns for?" He looked at her smiled and said "for protection." she said
"stranger, what is your name?" He looked at her asked, "why do you want to know my name?" She said "if you want to stay in my hotel I want to know your name." He said "what if I don't to tell you
my name?" Sara said "then you can sleep in the stable with your horse." He laughed and said "my name is Coop." Sara said "OK Coop, when we get to the hotel I'm gonna need you to hand over those
guns because I don't like guns in my hotel." Coop said "OK, but on only two condition." She looked at him and said "what's that?" He asked "why are you holding a bible close to your heart and
second will you have dinner with me tonight.?" She looked at him and said "I hold the Bible close to my heart because I hold on to his words dearly, and second, no I won't have dinner with you
because i just met you, now hand over those guns." Coop smiled at her and undid his belt and gave her the guns. The next day Coop asked her to dinner again and Sara said "no" with a smile. Coop
smiled back and went to his room. The next morning Coop asked her again, then Sara looked at him and smiled and asked "why do want to have dinner with me?" Coop smiled and said "I prayed to the man
up stairs for a good hearted woman and he is telling me that you are that woman, I been praying for and I know you have been praying for a man to come into your life." He had her in tears. When he
finished talking, she looked at him said "Coop, you are right I have been praying for a man, but I don't want any man of mine to carry guns around." He looked at her and said "I'll be happy to lay
my guns down just so I could have you in my life." She smiled at him and said "do mean that?" He looked at her and wiped her tears away and said "yes, I do and i would love you to the of time."
Sara said "then I'll be glad to have dinner with you." Not long after that Coop and Sara got married and had 3 girls named Mary Margaret, Linda Sue, and Cindy Lou. . The end 1/27/2018

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018



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