Coming out of the friend Zone Chapter 2

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Chapter Two

Submitted: February 02, 2018

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Submitted: February 02, 2018




A date? He meant as friends, right? Yeah, that's gotta be it. Right? He was sounding like he wanted more. Or was that what I was wanting to hear?
 Shit, that dance is in two weeks. I gotta get a dress. Damn I hate shopping.. Steve is my only friend, he's the one that I  normally call to go with me. I can't call him. Not to go pick out a dress to a dance he's taking me to. Nope. But.. If he was to go, I would know for sure rather he liked it or not. I want him to be stunned. I'm tired of hearing him talk about other girls. I want him to talk to others about me. Yeah, I'm gonna call him.
"Whatcha doin?" I hope he'll come..
"Was just laying here thinking about you. Sup?"
"I just realized, I gotta get a dress and shoes. Will you come with me to help pick one?" Please say yes.
"Sure, wanna go now?"
"Yes, thanks Steve!"
"Anything for you L. On my way."
"K! See you when you get here."
Oh shit I gotta take a quick shower and shave my legs!

I'd just stepped out the shower when I heard Steve walk in my room. "Honey I'm home!" Mm how I wish that was true. "I'll  be out in just a minute!" I go to grab my clothes when I realize, they're still on my bed. Crap. I could crack the door and ask him to hand them to me, but then he'd see the lace underwear and matching bra I'm planning on wearing. I'm just gonna go out in my towel.. it'll just be a quick sec. I crack the door open to see if Steve is looking towards me. He's looking at the pictures of us from our trip to the ocean a few years ago. That's the first time I really noticed Steve. His 5"8 frame, six pack abs with his dimples hidden behind his long shaggy brown hair with grey eyes, I smile that you can't help but fall for. He's the whole package. I try to quietly sneak to my bed to grab my clothes and run back when Steve turned around seen me mid stride to the bed. His grey eyes turned almost black. He slowly licked his big lips and I could see the desire in his eyes. Wasn't no denying what I was seeing. I realized I was frozen so I continued heading for my clothes. "Sorry, I didn't realize I forgot my clothes out here. Why are you looking at my like that?" I asked in almost a whisper. "Your umm" he clears his throat "your just so beautiful. I'm  gonna wait downstairs while you get dressed." He almost ran out of my bedroom. So maybe he really does like me..


I stop and lean on the wall as soon as I got out of her room. I'm just not sure how much longer I can continue keeping myself in check. It took everything I had to not kiss her.  Shit. I gotta shake this off. I go to wait for her on the porch swing and run into her mom in the kitchen. "Hey baby how's your momma doin? I heard the doctor said she got that there diabetes. Probably from all that sweet ass tea, poor darling." Mrs. Janson had a very thick southern accent and she said what she thought. Wasn't no sugar coating shit. Just like Laurie. "Yes ma'am and that's the same thing the doctor said, after he drunk two big ole glasses haha." "That sounds like ole doc Frixson. He knows he loves that ole sweet ass tea too." "Yes ma'am he sure does." "What are y'all kids about to get into?"  "Just going shopping with L, she asked if I'd give opinions." I'm not sure if Laurie has told her mom about the dance yet or not and i don't wanna be the one to tell her. "Oh that sounds fun."  "What sounds fun mom?" Oh thank goodness L walked in, perfect timing.  "Steve here was telling me that  y'all are going shopping. Any occasion?" "Actually mom, the Spring formal is in two weeks and Steve and I are going together." I know she meant going to the party together but damn, I wish she meant the other way..  "Oh, okay how nice. Y'all kids have fun! Love y'all!" "Love you too mom."
We get in the car and Laurie automatically tenses up. "Let's do shopping!" She sounded like she faked the excitement and didn't say anything after the whole ride to the mall.

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