That Beautiful Day

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This is a short simple psychological yet romantic story of a college going girl. It is about that crazy, stupid love which is definitely going to revive some memories of your first love. The story
is a girl's perspective, if you really liked it. Kindly comment for next chapter which is this guy's perspective. Happy Reading! Hope you like it.

By Shreya Singh

"It is said that the most beautiful things are seen with closed eyes-'your dreams', that day somehow, I saw my most beautiful dream with open eyes".

It was not a casual day, it was International Student's orientation day. Nikki, an eighteen year old sophomore was super excited to meet her new team as she was one of the Cultural to Cultural Ambassador. The only thought that ran through her mind was to make the new International students feel at home and a part of our College community. She was all set to welcome them.

As her team mates came in, she started signing them in. They all sat in a small classroom in Williams Hall, started playing ice breaker games when suddenly he walked in and sat on the empty last bench, greeting other fellow team mate “hi”. Nikki was awestruck for a moment, Beethoven's sonata 6 started playing inside her ear-drums, then somehow bringing herself back to reality, she went up to him and asked him to sign in and there “time was up”, it was a call for presentation by our Office of International Students. All the team got inside the auditorium, she wanted to sit next to him but unfortunately, that seat already got occupied. After the presentation, it was her turn to show the team our campus, they started touring but unfortunately, again she did not get an opportunity. She got all busy in showing them campus and staring at him and he got busy in exploring his new college.

After a while they had lunch at Clark dining hall, she thought maybe they could eat together, but heaven lords, other team mates got in and she again missed it. It was not that she did not like other team mates presence or her work but she really wanted to talk to him once. Nikki had just finished eating when surprisingly he came up to her and asked, “Hey, I need my student id, can we go now and get that while everyone else is eating”. She thanked lord inside her head and answered “yes, definitely, let’s go!” to him.  She was all excited about this seven minute walk to Talley student help center with him, the idea of this very walk got her into her Elysium, but then she heard him calling his very newly made friend to join them. It was fifth time in a day, she did not get an opportunity to talk to her prince charming.

Last phase of orientation was left. She was sure of talking to him during the raffle time and was all set and prepared to hit the conversation but call it destiny, he was an exchange student who was supposed to go to Target Run with some other staff member. He was called and she lost all hope. For her, it seemed that the whole universe is set today to avoid the interaction between him and her. At last he came up to her and said “Thank you so much, see ya” and went away. Believe me or not but all she wanted to ask him was “when will you see me again.

Irony here is she was his ambassador but somehow he was mentoring her mind and maybe her heart. Orientation got over but his thoughts ran throughout the day in her mind. Nikki went back to her family, opened her group file and checked for his profile where she got to know he is a 22 year old guy majoring in aerospace engineer from Australia, here in the US until December completing his last semester. She made up her mind to talk to him anyhow, but somewhere she knew that he was way “out of her league”, as he was the most charming guy she had ever seen in her entire existence of eighteen year, eight months and eighteen days on planet earth, too good to be true for her maybe. She thought she could only be his “one less lonely girl in her dreams” but she wanted to try as she had this unique belief of not regretting anything in life. She was a “carefree bunny” according to her friends, who never knew “what regretting in life feels like”.

Immediately, she sent him a friend request, after an hour she checks and finds “Ed accepted your friend request” and that very moment was the end to her most beautiful day.
“Beethoven’s sonata 6 continued to play again”.



?I hope you really liked it. If yes! please leave a comment, like and share.The other side i.e.the guy's perspective of that day is all set and ready to come out. Do leave a comment if you would like to read it. It always encourages. 

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