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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem dedicated the heart warming yet chilling nightmare of UNDERTALE

Submitted: February 03, 2018

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Submitted: February 03, 2018



Love is what you need Love is what will set you free. Sans and the rest will let you reset.


When will you arrive at the place called "HOME" When Asgore is dead? Or before he dies?


Is your home here or there? Can you find it anywhere? Well for Chara home is in her heart.


For she is determined till every ones time of death. Firks seems to differ for she wants nothing


But peace and happiness to the monsters tha live underground. Will Toriel meet her end or will you save her


And let her be your friend. Will you go with Papyrus on a date? Or will you slay his head?


One thing for sure Undyne wants to fight. Kill the kid or dont she will not hesitate to strike


You down. NGAAAHHH!! Alphys like her shows, anime and more, but will you leave her all alone?


Or make her happy with her best fish woman friend. Muffet wants to sell you her donuts and ciders. Take them


At the beginning and she will let you free from her web and spiders. Mettaton runs the show. OH NO!!


Killer robot on the loose, will you play his game or go straight for his back where his switch can go down for 


A permanent meltdown. Asgore. Time to end this story... Go home or stay home... Thats up to Frisk or maybe...


Chara. Flowey you sneaky little flower. You hid all this way just so you could become powerful. Poor Asriel


Alone for the longest time. Dont worry buddy Frisk will helo you. Frisk will SAVE you. Then... sans... lazy bones. Who 


Could have thought you would be the toughst bone to pick with. He killed you twice thrice quice and


And many other times, but at the end Chara wins her little game. Well the story ends and lives on in our hearts


Dont loose hope, everyone ,STAY DETERMINED!!

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