Dystopian Girl

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Warning: This story may contain inappropriate content for children under 12-14 years old. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Claire is a 17 years old girl which lives in a middle town in USA. Her best friend is Nicole, they are childhood friends, and Nicole is quite older than Claire. However, Claire is passing through a
delicate situation. During her childhood, she was a happy girl being friends with almost everyone in the town, but along the time, many of her friends exit from the town, or stop to talking with
her for some reason.

This feeling started when she was 12, but she doesn't know what was the real reason. It was on that period that she was passing through the teen changes, and a lot of changes came into her mind and
body, then many of her friends exit from the town, as she also became pretty shy. Without anyone to talk, she became always more alone. Between 14-15 years old, she started to use drugs and
sometimes drink alcoholic drinks. Actually, she is starting to date a guy called Taylor

Table of Contents


Claire is a 17 years old girl which lives in a middle town in USA. Her best friend is Nicole, they are childhood friends, and Nicole is... Read Chapter

Fixing Smartphone

Present Day It's the end of the school period, teachers are organizing their things, little teens are running for home, while the o... Read Chapter

Taylor's Dating

Later that afternoon Claire and Taylor are sit on a square on their neighborhood, doing a friendly talk: - Oh, Claire, I remember... Read Chapter

Theft and Drugs

A week after Claire start to be uncontrollable and start screaming to Taylor: - Give me that fuckin' drug Taylor. - But, I ca... Read Chapter

Troubles at the job

Early on next day Taylor walks from his home to the supermarket with his "theft" money in his work backpack. He always goes to the ... Read Chapter

I don't need a boyfriend

Some days after Claire starts to be uncontrollable while discussing with Taylor, meanwhile Nicole is in background trying to stop the... Read Chapter

May I'm sick?

Three days after Since Claire ended with Taylor, she became more closed in her home, and started to miss class saying she is sick. Ni... Read Chapter

Nothing But You

On Saturday evening Claire is at Nicole's home. While Claire is sat at the sofa watching TV, Nicole are at the kitchen preparing a ... Read Chapter

Why I'm still here?

Next day evening Claire is at her bedroom, felling alone to don't have almost any friend to talk while looking to photos from other... Read Chapter

It's over?

When Nicole went back to town, she goes to Claire's house, rings the bell and waits someone appears: - Hi Nicole, nice to see you h... Read Chapter

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