The Forsaken Race; Quest of Blood

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Kicked When Down

Submitted: September 08, 2019

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Submitted: September 08, 2019





"Despite all the rumors, yelling, beatings; whatever I did, I just wanted what was best for you."

As Kita stood in that dead night, discretely shaking as she stood before a very old enemy, she couldn't help feeling her stomach churn and heart race. Something bad was coming, she knew.

Even now, Coro's voice had a tone that she was all too familiar with. Angry, laced with hatred and venom. His gray eyes narrowed, glazed by nothingness, and his sadness melted away.

"I felt anger, then hate, then guilt. And now all that's left is a darkness I have no idea what to call." He spoke darkly, "There's no need to tell your story. Rumors get started, the word spreads, and I have my ways of getting rumors only the Erxinas would know. Just as such, I know exactly what you've done and why you did it."

"Dammit," Kita muttered.

Coro sneered, "When I heard that you betrayed us for those disgusting, sin-obsessed beasts, I couldn't have been more appalled. I know what that rage does to me, so I tried to give up and leave it. But, not surprisingly, the noble twit who leads this land thought it right to start barking orders."

As he stepped forward, Kita unsheathed her sword.

He continued, "I knew you would appear sometime, and I was told if that happened, I was supposed to bring you back to Corelia alive. That's the rule for everyone like me, the army, or those who still know about your demonic friends." He clutched his sword. "But I can't forgive you enough to do that much. I always knew you were a monster. If my work failed, which it has, you'd end up just like this. So I won't bother following rules. will decide your punishment for you, just as I have always done."

Kita looked both angry and hurt. "I should've known you'd act like this. Every time I think you'll change, you just go back to doing the same thing, even when it just does more damage for either of us."

"For the good of everyone," Coro snapped. "Do you really think I chose this? I would've liked to have a normal daughter that was no different from these other Aubades, but your mother's blood was persistent. Very persistent; it took magic stronger than anything your ancestors could offer just to keep you in the form you have now. Even then, you're never going to be the same." He grunted. "And naturally, the slut and dolt you kept as friends weren't helping, always trying to fill your head with the idea you could be free. In the end, all hope died the second you stormed out that door three years back."

Kita's fist clenched angrily. "I'll ask this again, and I swear if you don't answer, I'll do worse than you've ever done to me. What am I?"

"Don't bother," he spat. "It's too late for that."

Suddenly, with one foul slash, he almost struck Kita with his blade. However, Kita's novice warrior instinct kicked in, and she braced to defend herself and hit back. Although it was hard; he was stronger, and more experienced, and Kita was starting to fail quickly.

Faster than she could blink, he kicked her in the gut, making her drop her sword, and grabbed her by the neck.

"How pathetic," he growled.

"Seyber, now!" Kita cried, and the grip on her neck tightened.

"Shut it," Coro snapped. "No one's going to-"

"Release her."

Coro bit his tongue when feeling a spear's jagged blade against the back of his neck. Someone else tore at his wrist, forcing him to release Kita. When seeing the rest of the intruders, though, he got angrier.

Zyrean Demons, assisting the very sylph he sought to destroy.

"Damn you, Kita," he growled. "It's one thing to insult me with your presence, but dragging these filthy beasts along with you? That's unexplainably worse!"

Kita looked irate, but didn't respond or strike back. She was still too shaken.

However, it didn't take Coro long to notice that one of these demons was actually familiar. A girl in skimpy clothes, with black-to-white hair and one amber eye, the other covered by an eyepatch.

Coro gained a devilish smirk and taunting tone. "Well, well, a Zyrean leader. And yet white hair like that; a spirit-walker, too? Now that's interesting."

For once, Kita's tone was merciless. "Enough. Just answer the questions and shut up."

Coro ignored her. "You know, demon, I'm surprised you were willing to fight me. I thought Kita would've caught on to who I am, and would've told you."

Thundur crossed her arms. "Yes, you're a demon hunter. So what?"

"I'm not one of those glorified farmers, though," Coro argued. "I've been around for longer than you think, and have had access to things only ancient noblemen would've had."

It was then that Leiytning noticed the dark tint of the veins on his neck.

"Great," he sarcastically muttered. "He's an immortal noble."

Kita blinked hard. "A what?"

"A scumbag hunter and royal agent that stole magic to stay alive beyond any age limit."

Coro suddenly spun back, shoving the spear aside, and tried to stab Leiytning. Although his attack was quickly blocked and countered by a shot of electric magic.

Coro stepped back. "You?" He sneered, "I should've known from your whore of a sister that you were here. But you're still alive? Both of you?!"

"And why is that so surprising?" Leiytning interrogated.

Coro refused an answer, aiming his sword out, but immediately felt a whip coil around his wrist. He pulled Thundur forward, trying to stab her, but that failed miserably. She hit the hilt -armed with a blade- into is side, letting him bleed. 

After a short struggle, Coro was hit in the back with the somewhat-blunt end of a spear. He fell to the ground, coughing and sputtering.

Seyber aimed a dagger between his eyes. "Answer Kita's questions!"

"If you don't answer, I swear I'll kill you," Kita growled. "Trust me, I can do that with no regret."

"I can say the same for you, traitor," Coro spat.

Kita clutched her sword tighter, losing her patience.

Seyber whispered, "Slow down, Kita. We need him alive if we want his answers."

Suddenly, Coro shoved her dagger out of the way, trying to stab her. Seyber easily avoided the attack, but striking back was a whole other challenge. She could dodge any thrust or slash he threw, but couldn't land a heavy enough attack to make him stop.

The second he braced to stab or slash, Seyber either threw up her blades or darted aside, but then she would lash back with the same intent, only to have it blocked or made pointless. And when Coro threw one of her daggers aside, things looked grim.

Thundur tried to intervene, but it was too late. Coro had already taken the dagger for himself, then shoved it into Seyber's side and threw her to the ground. He bashed her head with the blunt end of his sword, leaving her unconscious.

"Bastard," Thundur growled, bracing her whip.

Coro retrieved his sword, then blocked a whip-attack, and countered fast. He sensed another incoming spear attack, and avoided it very narrowly. Thundur attempted to hit him with the dagger-end of the hilt, but he blocked, and kicked her in the gut. He blocked an attack from Leiytning straight afterward.

From there, Coro actually had a hard time fighting. With each attack he threw to Thundur, Leiytning would strike back, and vice-versa. It was a nightmare, it seemed, needing to keep track of where the whip and spear were going at the same time.

After fighting several consecutive attacks, Coro was left bloodied, but still standing. With a burst of rage, he broke through Thundur's whip, smacking her aside. Then, despite getting hit in the shoulder, stabbed Leiytning in the leg before he could defend her.

From there, Coro threw Kita aside.

As Kita collapsed, losing her breath as she hit the earth, she felt a grim feeling overcome, dragging the whole world into a void.

It's just like old times...I've felt this so much already. He always shoved me down, then came the worst, right when I was most vulnerable.

She begrudgingly forced herself back to reality, but it wasn't any better than before.

Before any of them could attack further, Coro already reached his target. He aimed his sword down, the point scraping Seyber's chest, but he made no move to kill the girl. Instead, he glared down at Kita.

Coro wiped the blood from his mouth. "Unbelievable. You're such a nasty little creature, and yet you still act like the pathetic little whipping-girl I've always known. You risked the lives of your friends just to find a worthless trait that's been repressed for so long. As I said, even if you find out, you'll never get your old self back." Coro clutched his sword tighter. "Brat...Fine. You want the answer so bad? I'll tell you, but you're not walking away alive."

"Let her go!" Kita snapped. "Seyber isn't even a part of this!"

As a response, Coro slammed the heel of his boot onto Seyber's head, making black blood to gush from the wound. Fires of rage burned Kita more, and she needed to use all her will to keep herself stable enough to avoid another magic outburst. Perhaps that would stop him quick, but it could just as easily hurt Seyber even worse.

"You're asking for death, now," Leiytning muttered.

Coro pressed the blade down. "Attack me, and the small one loses her spine."

Leiytning and Thundur shared one glance, both thinking the same thing. We can't strike yet. Kita had the same idea, and was just as infuriated, but held her tongue and stayed put.

Coro sighed, "That precious truth...You see, long ago, I met a very special girl at the edge of Sybilius borders. She was weak, exhausted, and she had been severely wounded in a fight. The catch is that she wasn't an Aubade, or anything that would act as our ally. She was something that several, including me, would rightfully see as vermin."

He grew more distant continuing with a lost tone.

"There was something special about her, though. I knew she had great power, and yet her behavior was extraordinarily passive. As such, I did something I'd never done before. Instead of killing her, I showed mercy and helped her to recover."

Kita listened intently, each word toward the answer bringing both relief and fear.

"She never really left, though...Fen would tell me the stories and legends of heroic figures from her rightful homeland, and would teach what their customs and traditions were. I was convinced that we had found another ally in the most unexpected place. Hell, 'ally' was just the tip of the iceberg. To me, at least, she was much more. Enough to love."

Kita took a sharp breath. "Fen; that's how I know the name..." She glared up at him. "What happened?!"

"An incident involving her kind," Coro hissed. "One where they killed my sister. The corpse was so mangled that I couldn't even tell it was her- hell, I couldn't even tell if it was a sylph or not. " He glared over Leiytning. "Combined with your past, that was too much. Who that liar told me were truly peaceful, despite the rumors...That little snake lied to me, probably just to spare her own life. And I knew she was no better than the rest. So after she had my second child, I made sure she would never lie to me again."

"You sick bastard!" Kita snapped. "After all this time, it was you who killed her! How could you?!"

"She was a monster," Coro retorted. "Just like you."

Kita had to wipe away her tears. "Enough of this! Just tell me what she was. What am I?!"

By now, Seyber groaned and started to wake up. At the sight of a blade being held to her, though, she panicked and froze in place.

Still, Coro only stepped over (and on) her to reach Kita. He now put the sword's blade to her neck, and did something that no one could understand.

He took out a translucent glass flask, filled with a substance that would look strange even as a complex potion. It seemed to change color every other second, and bubbled like tar.

"This was a pain to get a hold of," he muttered. "But just another relic of who helped most in this experiment. Now, extend your hand."

Kita looked very unhappy about that, but hesitantly brought up her right hand. Coro opened the flask with the strange liquid.

"You must've learned a lot about creatures and races," he remarked. "Let's see if the first hint is enough."

Coro threw only some of the liquid on Kita's hand, but it took effect fast.

Kita yelped with pain, grabbing at her wounded hand. It felt like it had been clawed, then shoved in a pit of molten steel. As she watched, the horror continued. The liquid stuck to her skin, hardening into an obsidian-like material, but now it was starting to rot and fall off. Her skin, bone, and flesh continued to burn underneath.

When it finally stopped, though, Kita was beyond shocked.

On the same trembling hand (which was now burnt randomly) uncut claws had burst out, each at least two inches long and the base long enough take up almost the whole mangled fingertip. These were very familiar, as well, from the slight curve to the thin-but-sturdy structure. Perhaps not strong enough to put to use, but enough to remind one that she was monstrous.


Coro sighed, "Kita, you deceived us in a way that was almost too easy. You showed instinct and thinking that was unlike that of your own race. You have magic unlike many others, but that's another story. Most of all, you joined these monsters, following those corrupt leaders. And let me guess, they kept you because something about you was dark? Evil? Maybe even familiar?" He motioned around them. "The gist is that they accept you, and vice versa. You know why?"

Kita's mind crashed.

"Because you are one."

Kita trembled, terrified. "Th-This...Can't be right..."

"'Right'?" Thundur argued. "It's impossible! If that were true, then how did this 'Fen' survive the Extinction Battle?"

"I can't answer that," Coro insisted. "As I said, I only found her. I never bothered digging around her past, and it doesn't matter now." He regained the devilish grin. "There's one reason I let you hear this truth. What was it...Leiytning and Thundur? Yes, I'm curious." He thrust his blade forth. "How would you feel if I slaughtered one of the very last of your kind?"

Kita had heard enough as it was.

With Coro caught distracted, she knocked the sword away and lashed out. Before he could recover, one kick from Leiytning was enough to snap Coro's wrist back entirely. Only a few sinews kept it intact. From there, it was easy to keep him disarmed, at blade point.

Kita tried to catch her breath and recollect, while Thundur went over to help Seyber. The pale demon clumsily stood up, keeping one hand clasped over the deep wound in her side.

"Is she alright?" Leiytning interrogated.

"Her spine wasn't hit," Thundur reported. "This is a recoverable injury."

Coro struggled, trying to hit the weapon away, but that was futile. Leiytning slammed a foot down on his back, forcing him into the ground. The several 'cracks' indicated that his ribcage was no longer fully intact, and he seemed to be in enough pain for one to think so. Now, Leiytning kept the spear point directly on his nape, refusing to let him move even an inch.

Kita spat, "Good. This is exactly what you deserve." Her eyes narrowed. "Leiytning, can you please break something else?"

Leiytning easily snapped his arm back, creating a break so deep the bones jutted out. Coro grimaced hard, clearly struggling not to cry out.

"You killed Fen; my own mother, and for what good reason?! Furthermore, you abused me and hid this for far too long! I don't even like death, but you'll pay for what you've done, and I'll feel no remorse!"

Coro growled angrily, then as a last attempt, flung up the flask. As soon as it hit Kita, in the chest no less, it shattered and covered her in the burning liquid.

Almost immediately, Kita had to yelp and cry from the horrible burning she felt; not just in her hand, this time, but over her entire body. No matter how she fought, she couldn't get the concoction to come off, and it continued to burn and mangle her.

It only got worse, too. She doubled over from the excruciating pain that she felt. It continued to where it went beyond the skin, seeping into her flesh, veins, and bones, like something was clawing and breaking her from the inside out. Innards were shifting, bones cracking, skin rotting.

It became too much; the pain and effects were so strong that she collapsed entirely.

From there, the world faded to black.


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