A hero and his arch nemesis. They meet at a local store, and a hero battle ensues.

The Clicker

A hero was born when Bob fell into a pile of radioactive television sets. He now possessed the ability to manipulate any television by pointing at it using his right arm. Some sort of link was created by pointing at the object and he would use his voice for commands. He never had to use a remote again and named himself, the Clicker. Whenever a hero is born a counterpart always shows up. The Clicker’s arch nemesis was Rightarmcleaver. One day they saw each other at a local Walmart.

“Stop it right there Cleaver!”
“Well if isn’t my friend, the Clicker. What are you going to do to stop me?!”

Rightarmcleaver charged and the Clicker ran towards the television section at Walmart knowing he could counter him there. There was a giant wall of televisions and the Clicker knew he was in his element.

“Those televisions will do you no good, your right arm is mine!” Rightarmcleaver said enraged.
The Clicker quickly pointed at all sorts of televisions and shouted: “Volume up!”

Rightarmcleaver covered his ears and screamed in agony. He became frantic and knew that the only way to finish off the Clicker was by throwing his cleaver.
He threw his cleaver into the air and it went flying towards the Clicker. He responded just in time to move away. However he could not save his right arm from being severed off.

“Ha-ha victory, my job here is done!”

Rightarmcleaver fled the scene and the Clicker was sped to the hospital.

After a long recovery period he was sent home. Beaten down he sat on his couch, pointed with his left arm and shouted against his television set. It did respond however. He was forced to use the remote control for the remainder of his life.

“I’ll get you next time Cleaver! Mark my words, your reign of terror shall end.”

The Clicker simply thanked luck that his brother Leftarmcleaver was not present at the Walmart. Otherwise this ordeal might have ended completely differently.


Submitted: February 03, 2018

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