Telephone Booth

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Marty is waiting next to a phone booth for his mother to arrive. Strange things happen to people around him approaching the phone booth.

Submitted: February 03, 2018

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Submitted: February 03, 2018



Telephone Booth

Marty stood next to a telephone booth waiting to be picked up by his mother. A man approached the telephone booth and attempted to make a call. He dialled a number with the horn against his face and evaporated before Marty’s eyes. Marty was shocked to see but a pile of dark ash lying on the ground where the man once was. The wind blew away the ash and it appeared as if nothing had happened when a new man arrived.

“He buddy do you happen to have some change?” the man asked Marty.
“Sure…here you go.”

The man grabbed a phone book and dialled a number. He was sucked through the telephone, without a trace. Marty had never seen an entire person being sucked through a phone before. He shook away the thought and saw his mother’s car approaching.

“Marty can you hold on for a moment? I need to make a telephone call.”
“No don’t!”

His mother walked over to the telephone booth and dialled the number she wanted to call. A dark portal appeared next to her and two arms pulled her into the other side.
Marty was clearly upset and walked up to the telephone booth to make a phone call as well.

“I think we’ve established that your device works, dad! Now let go of mom and let us go home.”
A long silence followed on the other end of the phone call. Suddenly a dark portal opened and his mother was thrown through it.

“Why does your father always make these types of inventions?”
“To impress us maybe,” Marty questioned.
“Thank god I left him. Let’s go home Marty.”

Marty and his mother got into the car and sped home. Meanwhile the phone was still off the hook. Dark ooze came from the speaker and started to form an oily humanoid blob.

“My new form will impress you my love…all those deaths were not in vain. I shall return to you and my son!”

Dark clouds came and covered the sun. Thunder crashed and it started to rain heavily. Unfortunately for Marty’s father he had not accounted for bad weather. He became liquid very rapidly and knew that his experiment had failed.
Finally a man approached the telephone booth and stepped in the dark ooze. He looked up staring at a window on the other side of the street. He knew it was the perfect spot.

The next day Marty turned the radio on.

“In other news, the notorious phone booth killer was arrested today. His unique footprints were found in an oily substance near the phone booth where he had shot his final victim.”


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