the black memory

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chris a new employee finds himself linked to a criminal organization.

Submitted: February 03, 2018

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Submitted: February 03, 2018





“Bang bang!” No one moves put your hands in the air, come on Chris take the jewelry. Ok, we are good to let’s get out of here before the police arrive. “Beep Beep!” Hey, Chris wake up you have work to do. What time it is Angie, you are late honey it is 7:30. Chris the breakfast is ready, wait what is this doing here, Angie what are these pieces of jewelry doing here. I don’t know they are not mine, bring! Bring! Hello, hey Chris you got the jewelry, you better give it to me! I am not got any jewelry! You better don’t screw with me, Chris. “Beep!” Hey, Chris wake up honey. Oh god hey Angie have you seen any bag of jewelry, Chris what are you talking about you must have been dreaming, yeah I think so. Bring! Bring! Hello, who is it, toot! Who was it Chris, I don’t know the phone hang up. You better go to your work, you are late honey. Blare! Shit, this car needs repair again. Vzzt! Vzzt! Hello, Chris, I told you, you better not screw with me big man. Chris! Chris! CHRISS! Wake up you fool the boss wants to talk to you, hey wait why I am tided up. Hey! Get back here. Hey, Chris calm down big boy, who are you what you want from me! Chris you making me mad, you are a good actor aren’t you, know listen no one plays games like this with me, you give the things we stole and you are good to go. I don’t know what you talking about please let me go. Give me the gun am going to blow his mind. NOO...  Chris! Chris! Is that the new employee, hey you lazy kid wake up mister.


Beep: sound of alarm

Bring: sound of telephone

toot: telephone hang up

Blare: Car engine 

Vzzt: Cellphone ringing

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