“This poem is dedicated to all the individuals out there who never believed things could or ever would get better.”



Unhealthy thoughts taking a free ride

Should I just keep walking by

Or write a poem for someone else’s mind to decide

There are so many people out there

Not caring if they have a last breath to spare

Not having remorse to no longer care

Stress, Life, Hopeless, down on luck

Not having a penny let alone a buck

You’ve had it to the point you’re ripping out your hair

Some people’s mind freefalling into thin air

A silent battle of the brain within

If I comment suicide no more problems taking me on a major tailspin

I know you are tired, worn out, and yes, from taking it on the chin

Think of a time when your life was soaring and then think again

Think of a time your life was going great, very good as it should

Starting first with memories of your childhood

During those times things were never misunderstood

Now you’re knocking your head against hardwood

Trying to figure it all out

Finding ways to keep your mental status up no doubt

Reminiscences that once stirred your heart

Mental breakdowns from the initial start

Unspoken anger now for the most part

Has the world now cloaked your brain in mental darkness

Allowing no one to reach you, oh, that concept sounds so heartless

We all have walked a mile in tight shoes

Dark storms of the mind from society abuse

Hanging on by a thread hoping no one judges your ruse

However, who gives you that sole right to choose

A word no one likes to comprehend win or lose

God giveth, not for man or woman to taketh away

As your life flashes you by as acting it out on Broadway

SOS, May Day, Wait, I think I’ve changed my mind

Noose has tightened to my neck, blood running from my wrist, sleeping pills have all been washed down

Stomach pumped, oh no

I really really never intended to go

Save me please

The next time I will ask for these thoughts to be removed on my knees

Paddles of life to chest couldn’t help

The third time it worked, yelp

As I lay still

No more turmoil to fit this earthly bill

Had I hung in, would this had passed, but still

There was always a tomorrow

Tears from someone else’s eyes at the expense of my sorrow

I’m on my ascending pathway

You will see the understating of this self-demise revealed to you on Judgment Day

There will be no more words from you to say

When you’re dealing with the mental blues I know it’s not my call

I have to pass this insight of this universal protocol

I was ordained and yes I want my Angel wings

Sent back here to say or do some strange things

All for a great cause

Under God’s universal laws

However, I will never know where you come from

Slow down, let’s talk, I may be able to tell you how to channel that raging weather, and then some

This is not a fad, way out, or words to get lost in

Surrendering your last breath is when your life truly begins

You think you are experiencing hell on earth now

Going up against God with the excuse I refuse to give earth my final bow

Trust me you shall reap what you sow

 No reasons accepted I thought this was my only way out from a mental drought

A shake of God’s head for an eternal lockout

It hurts if only you knew from my earthly remembrance to let it be

At the Pearly Gates begging if only you could see

Do not allow your mind to attempt to unlocked God’s universal mysterious

You can’t

Therefore when you’re feeling down, pray, meditate, or chant

No one wants to come back here

And still adhere

To the same plan you thought for a quick escape

Accepting your fate again on this planet we call earth, denied until you reshape

Trust me that’s not a Heavenly debate

At any rate

You never get those moments in time to backdate

When in doubt, talk it out, take medication if you must to get you through

I know this has been tried and true

Just please keep this angle of view in mind

And allow your thoughts to naturally unwind

Channel your temple and leave the negative energy of your mind behind

Once you close your eyes

No more second chances to understand, the what, when, or the whys


Poem from my book The Flow of my Heart To You Book II

Submitted: February 03, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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