Coming out of the friend Zone chapter 3

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Laurie and Steve are steadily learning their feelings.

Submitted: February 03, 2018

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Submitted: February 03, 2018




I couldn't make myself say one thing the whole ride here. I didn't know what to say. When he looked at me with them eyes and I seen every promise I ever wanted, I  got scared. But yet, now, Im sitting here stealing glances and fighting the urge to grab his hand. 
We pull up to the mall as soon as I was about to give in and grab his hand.
"Alright L, which store are we hitting up first?" "Lets go grab something to eat from that place beside the dress shop. We'll eat then I'll try on dresses and you tell me which one is best."  "Yaaayyyy. So much fun." The non excitement on his face made me bust out laughing. "Ohh hush. Order me my favorite please, I'll go get us a seat."  "Okay lo-.. L."  I go and grab us the table in the far back where we can see everyone but they can't see us. What kind of dress am I gonna get? I think I want long. But then again Steve loves my legs. I can tell how he looks at them when I'm in shorts. I might go short. "Two hotdogs with extra jalapenos and ketchup, fries drowned in cheese, and the sweetest diabe-TEA." "Oh my God yes Steve, thanks!"  "Anything for you babe."


Nine dresses. That's how many she has tried on. All looked sexy on her but she said they wasn't  "the one". We just grabbed five more so I'm hoping one of these are it. "What you think?" She walked out in a aqua colored strapless dress. It had a thin bejeweled belt underneath her breasts, which helped pick them up and make them even more noticeable. The dress fit every curve perfectly. It ended just above her knees and had a slit to her upper thigh on one side. It was stunning. "This is it, this is the dress." I didn't mean to say that out loud but holy fuck she is beautiful. She started blushing and it made me want to kiss her so bad. "So you like it?" She sounded so shy. "Fuck yeah I like it. You can wear this dress everyday." "Ha ha. I like this one to. Now to find matching shoes." "You going barefoot looks fine to me." "Whatever Steve." But i meant it. She looks absolutely beautiful.
We go to four different places until she finally finds a pair of heels she likes. They all look the same to me. "So L, Mom told me right before I came to get you, we're going out of town for the week. I guess one of my uncles died so we gotta go to the funeral. We'll be back friday evening tho so plenty of time for the dance Saturday."  "Damn. Sorry bout your unc." "I don't even know who he is." "Damn that's all bad haha. I'm gonna miss ya this week." She sincerely sounded sad. "Awe babe I'm gonna miss you too." I say as I pull her to me into a hug. She smells so good. Like strawberries mmm. We stand there like that for a few minutes before we finally headed back home. This is gonna be such a long week.

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