Coming out of the friend Zone Chapter 4

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I never realized how much of my life revolved around Steve until he was gone. Everything I did, I did with him. We always text  when we're not together but this past week I've barely heard from him.  He's been so busy with family. He texted me last night and apologized about not being able to talk to me much and told me he missed me. Honestly, I miss him too. Im so lost.
 He should be home in a few hours. He's supposed to call me. I've been staring at this phone for hours. I start to drift off when I feel soft lips on my forehead and I recognize that smell. Steve whispers "I'm home Love." And goes to stand up. I keep my eyes closed while I grab his wrist and mumble "Please stay." He gets in bed with me and holds me so tightly I feel as if we become one. I'm so relaxed I almost fall asleep instantly.


I have missed Laurie so much my parents was able to tell. After the third day of me  talking about her mom and dad sat me down for THE talk. They also threatened to kill me if I hurt her. Shouldn't they be threatening her instead of me? I finally admitted to them and to myself how I felt. I love her. And I plan on telling her at the dance.
 Instead of calling to let her know I was home I decided to go see her. Her mom sent me up to her room and I stopped dead in my tracks when I walked in. She was laying in bed asleep with her phone in her hands mumbling my name. She was waiting for my call. She looks so beautiful. I decide not to wake her, she looks too peaceful. I kiss her on her forehead and tell her I'm home. When I go to walk away and go home she grabs me in her sleep and asks me to stay. That was all I needed. I climbed behind her and became the big spoon. I made sure to lay on top of the covers just incase one of her parents walked in.
 I'm  pretty sure this is what heaven is. Laying here, with her in my arms, I can't help but think of the future. We're graduated, in college, married, and becoming a major power couple. Just as I was dozing off I hear her mumble "I love you Steven." 'Fuck. I'm awake now. She loves me? For how long. Did she just realize it too? I just lost all my nervousness, well, some.  I'm gonna tell her how I feel at the dance and hope for the best. Hopefully she says that while  awake.
I leave her a note beside the bed that I made it home and I hope she had sweet dreams. Tomorrow is the big dance and I'm excited.

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