Not For You

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I know I am not for you

Not For You
I know I am not the kind of man you could love
Money,looks and smarts I do not have enough
There is no reason for you to look at me
When you do I know what it is you see
I wish that you could see me inside
All of the love for you I try hard to hide
My walls are to thick for you to see through
I think I am just not the kind of man for you
You say you want me for a friend and I say yes
Because I know your love I could never possess
I wish that I could tell you my feelings for you
I just do not have the right words that will do
I have my mirror that always tells me the truth
I am just protecting my heart, not being aloof
If you give me time I cannot promise I will change
Even though my heart holds your eternal flame

Submitted: February 04, 2018

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