Throwing away the time

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Submitted: February 04, 2018

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Submitted: February 04, 2018



  An older man had noticed the young man standing at the top of a small hill holding a piece of paper in his hand and tossing it into the wind. The piece of paper would drift off into the wind, carried away from him and he would sometimes look sad and sometimes smile but always he would stand there for the longest time and then he would walk off. This went on for some time and finally the older man had to go investigate exactly what he was doing and what was written on the pieces of paper.


  He went up the small hill and approached the young man. “Hello there” he said as he got closer.


  The younger man looked at the older man and said nothing but nodded at him.


  “I couldn't help but notice you here all the time” the older man said.


  The younger man looked at the piece of paper in his hands and then looked at the man again. “Yes?” he asked, questioning why anyone would care.


  “Well, I was just wondering exactly what you were doing?” the older man said.


  The younger man again looked at the piece of paper in his hand and then looked over at the older man. “Oh...nothing much really. Its just something I do”.


  The older man got even closer now, so close he could see what the younger man had written on the piece of paper. The  sheet had “Today” simply written on it.


  The young man looked off into the distance and then tossed the paper with the word “Today” on it into the wind which carried it off until he couldn't see it any more.


  The old man's eyes got bigger, pondering the true meaning of this. He looked at the younger man who seemed not to care. “Aren't you worried that you are simply throwing your time away?” he asked.


  The younger man looked back at the older man and said “I'm young. I'm gonna live forever” he said and he looked back at the horizon.


  The older man looked at the younger man with a tinge of sadness. He was once like that, he thought. He slowly walked away and then he reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. On it it simply said “Today”. He looked at it lovingly. In his mind he kept it close to his heart. He put it back into his pocket and placed his hand on it to keep it safe.


  “I hope he learns the lesson that today is all we really have and not just throw them all away before its too late” the old man said quietly to himself.

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