When you fall from sky above

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Let this lifeline support the great love why we are here. May you excel this commitment for the entire humanity. :)

Once again silence glanced the entire heaven when God healthly baked my heart,

Inside this feeling recorded history for remaking an experience,

A way human handled climate change touched forever when time stopped,

God asked me what I felt dear worked for the closeness written in heart beats,

Praise cannot rewind droughts we impose and struck with water rationing,

However many stories still hands you the baton how this great magic handle the declared disaster,

Are we born on Day Zero but go the extra mile for some relief from rising temperature ?

Close to it is a struggle seeking the importance of things God asked us to do,

When significant snowmelt pour fresh water for the already polluted rivers and ponds so that water-life may survive,

Do you feel Glaciers need to disappear receding on the wealth of the soil below ?

For the lifeform that exists,

We need fresh water sources without a finishing line,

However God asks each one of us,

Alternations in our natural balance may cause rising sea level,

When we stop the sinking sinkholes until it erodes the harbor lying near the city's coastline,

Before you could argue,

I count on ingredients of our traditional old culture as our answer,

The situation must save the existing rainforest before their disappearance in wildfires,

It is unacceptable for Mother Earth if our family doesnt resolve conflicts and explore oneness investing in this future,

Thinketh in my heart God may grant a habitable existence managing the global food chain,

May heavy and untimely rain doesnt ruin the hardwork of our farmers,

Have a close relationship our winemaking coral reef be safe from mass death,

Expections seek more answers using renewable resources,

How hard-fought issue may not give a small degree change in temperature,

When I knew how weaker will be submerging our ecosystem on the climate apartheid,

How can God give us a united voice and this language treat the signs cultivating one faith in the entire humanity ?

What may their expectations and unability from the climbing tides on our lower-lying country on Earth ?

Our credibity as human must meet this permafrost warning,

Where the afraid has some bits to stop the artics from disappearing the sea ice,

This disturbance dont attribute until the goodways to tackle this global disease doesnt start from home,

More do we deposit this extreme intensifying event on the shoulders of others and end without clarity,

Only will give birth a simple reefs to stay afloat very rare in our habits,

Today we need to conserve a home for the more of us and the most of all,

Some inspiration stories goes back towards traditional old handicrafts feel the love of each other,

The great care brings freshness a Day Zero recedes with commitment living together to promote greenery,

Reconstructing happiness God has given this bond of friendship we can train our people,

Who will sweat their hardwork and start this dream page our days be so welcoming in Gods higher plans,

When a single reservior for humanity be the human account for its greatest union ever in our universe,

Knowledge calls and wake up for one call the entire cosmic be the lighthouse of a new reality,

Where we observe one plan as Gods instrument of peace,

For we conserve freshness in water and keeps running our ecosystem always be safe for all,

Further any outbreak be preventable and our solutions twinkle in the change be helpful for all,

A star just passed above my sky roof below the heaven,

And asked who will do it ?

I told,

May you report so that we all will sow this commitment now here.

Submitted: February 04, 2018

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