The Girl Who Loved Raymond Pitt

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Raymond Pitt used to be special. Back in the 80s, he made a name for himself playing lovable uncle Tyler on the sitcom All or Nothing and later went on to dominate the film industry. After being
America's sweetheart for decades, it all came crashing down when his ex-wife came forward with stories of drug use and physical abuse. Now, he's public enemy number one and, in order to escape the
backlash, he's gone into hiding.

Returning to his rinky-dink hometown of Nowheresville Kansas, Raymond intends to ride out the media storm. That all changes, however, when he meets Judy Evans, a young college dropout working at
the local motel. Raymond is surprised to learn that Judy is both infatuated and inspired by him, growing up watching his movies. Dreaming of seeing her idol back on top, she helps Raymond come up
with a plan to save his career. As the two become closer and things begin to spiral out of control, Raymond soon learns that life isn't always like the movies and not every story has a happy

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Submitted: February 04, 2018

"Have you seen this?"    Raymond dropped his fork back into his bowl as a magazine landed on the t... Read Chapter