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Every day police go out and risk their lives for the safety of others, this is a poem from the mind of a future member of the blue line.

Submitted: February 04, 2018

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Submitted: February 04, 2018




A light in the dark

One amongst many

Always hitting the mark

Failure felt plenty


But failure is wrong

For the streak of blue

It is never long

Before everyone knew


A cry of hate echoes loud

The news hears and writes their report

Anger in the crowd

And yet they never ask for a retort


And yet we are the few

We are the proud

we are nothing new

and yet judgement seems to overcrowd


A bad shot

Or at least so they say

You want to speak up but are not

at liberty to speat or you were not there that day


A family at home

A soldier in blue

He fights for his town, his own

and yet hundreds of names he will acrue


The line is thin

Fading in the wqaves of injustice

Everyone judges but no one is willing to do the same

Safety is the price we pay

For we are the few who protect the many

We are the blue

We are true


We are alone



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