The Patriotically Ethical User.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The time we spend on the internet is our time and not to be controlled by major corporations who regard users as a commodity.

Are there such internet user’s that categorises themselves as ’what I call’…
A patriotically ethical user of the internet?
As I don’t live on the internet, I can probably count the times I go on the internet each week ’less than 6 hours’ because the internet is secondary to what I need and do in my daily life.
I simply wouldn’t really notice if the internet suddenly stopped functioning, that’s how little the internet impacts within my daily life, I don’t really need it, I can function and live my daily-weekly-yearly life without the constant need to be online.
There will be people that only go into various shops or stores so they can buy a coffee and doughnut whilst using the free wifi, the constant tapping on a keyboard or the constant bent head whilst looking down at a Smartphone, they just can’t be without that virtual reality in there daily lives.
And ’of course’ if that’s a major part of there life ’within the screen’ that’s all good and I hope that their lives improve somewhere along that virtual curve of the internet.
But for me, well, I can take or leave it and I prefer a coffee shop than has no wifi at all.
When I do go online,
I always use one search engine, I never change that search engine and indications are, that I will continue to use the search engine for the life of the time I spend on the internet because I am a patriotically ethical internet user.
I am one of those internet users who support using ‘only fair and just’ internet platforms.
The large technology companies that pay their fair share of taxable responsibilities within the United Kingdom, that should tell you that I don’t use Social Media ’at all’.
We have always had a plethora of technology and idea driven platforms in the UK but as with multinational megalith technology corporations from abroad they have always drowned out any purposeful user base for the occasional internet user.
I don’t want my internet experience to be drowned out or silenced just by the sheer number of users on a particular platform, I am an individual, a person of choice, a person who doesn’t feel the need to get noticed, I don’t care about ’likes’ or ’the number of people following’, what I publish ’here on booksie’ is for those of you who choose to read it and not because some cleaver algorithm has send it to your feed.
That’s why I choose to reject those corporations that seem to force ’there wishes over yours’ when using there platform.
Of course,
That does limit the choices I can make when using the internet but that’s how it is with me, every one who pays there fair share in taxable income will always get my vote of usability on the internet.
If every adult in the UK who pays for an internet connection adopted my views, then there would be a fair and balanced corporate taxation system, it would change the mindset of those corporations into stop telling people…. ’We look after users and enhance our users experience’….. :meaning:… .We look after our users because they pay the tax that we legally don’t.  (think about it)?
My thoughts by,
Left On The Shelf.

Submitted: February 04, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Left On The Shelf. All rights reserved.

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