The Princess Bride

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Keira has accepted Alex's proposal and she's ready to move on with her life. She has never been eager to become royalty, but she is willing to do what she has to in order to marry the man that she
loves. Unfortunately, she has no idea what that will mean or exactly how much she will have to give up. If she can manage to live through the embarrassment of it all... Expectations are high and
the pressure is extreme, and there may be some things that even the prince can't save her from. (Sequel to The General's Daughter, Keira's Fire, and Daughter of the Rebellion)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

*This is the fourth part in the series, so if you have not read the others, I highly recommend doing that first.
Read Chapter

Chapter 2

  The following morning was disorienting. I'd had the occasional night away from my bed at home, but waking in the castle was ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

I planned to ask Alex what that had all been about, but I it was all so odd and awkward that I couldn't seem to make myself do it. But ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

  "Who is that girl?" I asked Roberta, and gestured to the lovely girl with soft dark curls, across the room. She was appa... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

  One of the things I enjoyed best was getting to sit in the Great Hall as the king heard various concerns of the people. Ther... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Before I knew it, the wedding was less than a month away. The realization was both incredible and frightening. I might not have even fe... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Roberta was right about one thing at least. The examination hadn't been painful. But she was dead wrong about it not being "so bad". It... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

I hadn't planned on using the secret room as my hideout since Alex could easily find me here. But honestly, was any place off limits to... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

In all the time I'd known Roberta, she hadn't displayed much emotion. There had been some discomfort and sympathy when I'd been forced ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

I'd been under the assumption that the majority of my time would now be devoted to wedding preparations, but after only a few days, I h... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

One of the best things about my impending wedding was the opportunity to have all of my family with me beforehand. My father's side... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Before I knew it, I was walking down the aisle of the cathedral, clinging to Papa's arm and praying that I wouldn't trip in front of ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

A few days after the wedding, my worries seemed incredibly silly. The ones concerning my time alone with Alex, at least. I hadn't e... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

"You seem to be in a good mood," I noted with satisfaction when Alex returned from dealing with his various duties for the day. He'... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

  The weeks passed and before long, I'd been married for six months. Still there was no hint of a baby. My body was exactly th... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

"Are you alright?" Alex asked, pulling me aside after breakfast and looking concerned. "You hardly ate anything." "I'm fine," I sai... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Another month passed and nothing changed, but I decided not to truly worry until at least a full year had passed. My resolve was ea... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

So much had happened to both Reed and me in the three years since I'd seen him last, it was unbelievable. We were like two completely d... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

The following day was strange. Alex was gone from the room by the time I woke up, and then he was absent from breakfast. When Julie... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

After a few hours my anger cooled and I decided to try to talk to Alex again. He must have calmed down by now, and he couldn't stay in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

It was almost impossible to focus on anything the following day. I hadn't been able to sleep much and all I could think about was Alex.... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

As I had resolved to do, I didn't let myself worry too terribly much about a baby before a year had passed, but all too soon, mine and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Months later, there wasn't as much obvious pressure, but I didn't breathe any easier. It was as if people were resigning themselves to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

"Juliette, don't you ever do anything besides cats?" Isabelle teased, looking from her needlepoint canvas to her sister's. "I happe... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

The following day, I found myself sitting in the Great Hall again. I hadn't planned on attending, but after thinking about my plan, I d... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

I'd only been alone for a few moments when Isabelle and Juliette burst into the room without warning. Isabelle rushed over, throwin... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

The next few months were the happiest of my marriage. Alex and I were free to be newlyweds without the crushing pressure of the world's... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

"But, you can't just-" Raising my eyebrow in annoyance, I silenced the servant girl. "I have been fulfilling obligations all day,... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Several weeks wen't by and we still didn't know who was behind the attempt on my life. The more time that passed, the more unlikely it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Nearly two and a half years after Alex and I were married, Evangeline Rose arrived. I was so grateful that all that nonsense about th... Read Chapter

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