the doors of then, now and tomorrow

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there are different doors at different stages of life.

Submitted: February 04, 2018

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Submitted: February 04, 2018



At nineteen

There’s a portal

In which all go through

Allowed for many

Denied to few


At twenty five

In a corridor of doors

A No is on few, a Yes on the rest

A knock on the door

And that age beats the best


At thirty

There’s a run for the door

Yet the knob burns flame

Tearing a touch that’s tame

Wondering if tomorrow is like before

If ‘No’ is on all the next doors


At forty

The door is wide open

With a view of what’s outside

It’s time to be opportune

To venture on a wild ride

‘Yes’ doors will close soon.


At fifty

In the hallway standing facing

The past, present and future

Slamming the doors to no answer

While a crowd is crowding around

Watching silently without making a sound

The signs slither into ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ less posted.


Still to come

The many doors to knock on

Without a post that doesn’t show

Except when the knock is made

Maybe heard but ignored so turned ‘No’

There’s a bless that there is more than less

People of the same caress. Those people

Who hear the knock and turn the sign ‘yes’

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