An Angel's search for her wings

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl who suffers discrimination from the time she was born searches for the wings to fly high.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018





This is a short story about how a girl struggle in her life to get the rightful things from the childhood till her adulthood. This is my first story, came as a thought suddenly while thinking what-else can be done. You will not find my name until I get satisfied with my work but do need your review and response which is always welcome. Have a happy reading.


On October 14, 1991, when the time is 6:00 AM, birds chirping outside welcoming the morning sun, women in families cleaning their home and drawing “Kolam“, there hears a sweet cry of a small baby just got introduced to the outside world from the heavenly womb of a Mother. Everyone was in cloud-nine on seeing this beautiful angel and guess what, it’s a gorgeous daughter.

While the parents are happy, they’re also under some thoughts dominated by evils. And yes, it’s the thought about daughter’s future. The father, Kumar, and mother Meena were not from a middle class and in 90’s there was still women homicide occurring in some places. They use to think that birth of a  girl child is a curse for them. This thought ruins their mind. Days passed, the girl by the name Seetha is now 6 years old and the parents decided to have another child. And to their happiness, it’s a son and they named him as Ranjith. They were happy that they got a boy and he would take care of the family in future.

Things were right for few years. She is now a “major”. A word in India used to indicate that a person has attained the age where they can decide on their own but under society’s influence. The time has come for her to get into the college. She had scored 93 %. Seetha’s interest is to achieve greatness in the Robotic industry and she decided to take up the course in Computer Science. But their parents were so reluctant that it will cost more and they insisted her to take commerce course so that they can spend little and save more for her marriage.

But, Seetha is a type of person who always succeeds in everything she steps-in. She somehow got an admission in a College in Chennai and the course related to her dream by getting an education loan. The struggle which man kids from the well-to-do family never knew. In this caste-dominated society where money is even caste related, When she entered a bank for applying for educational loan, the Manager triggered some humiliating questions. The manager’s questions to the girl are,

“Why are you choosing Engineering knowing that you’re not financially strong?”

“How will your parents buy things needed during the college life?”

“How will you guarantee that you’ll repay the amount after College and get a job?”

After so many humiliations and bad luck, when she steps into one bank, the manager asked the similar question to her and near to them, a rich Businessman is having a chit-chat talk with the Manager. The man was a kind of good person he always helps the person in need. So, the Businessman came to her and said ” Seetha(the businessman listened to the conversation between Seetha and bank manager), I’m owning a Hotel at Bangalore and that he is willing to do something for her. At first, she is not in the mood to accept but later in his speech, she developed belief and she accepted. The deal is he will provide the funds for the entire college period and she can repay when she gets into a good company and no interest amount is required and she can even repay part-by-part. So she is happy with that and returns home followed by all the dreams of becoming an engineer.

Now, on the first day of the college, when entering the gate she encountered a person and she suddenly remembered that the person is the Businessman who helped her. He told her that he has also admitted his son to the Robotic department and introduced the boy to her and told her that his name is Manish. So the college time begins and they were in the same section. They started speaking during class and on a phone.

When studies are fine with Seetha, Ranjith is now doing his 12th school grade. Seetha’s parents gave lots of freedom to Ranjith that they wouldn’t mind where is out to or about his studies. For them, Ranjith is the one who came to the rescue to the curse(according to them Seetha is a curse). So they let Ranjith on his own. He usually comes home midnight after hangout with friends. He always finds fault with his sister and acts dominating. Sometimes, he even speaks badly about the sister and asks her not to go outside without him and to hand over the phone to him.


Now, in the college where Seetha and Manish are studying organized an event where teams from each department have to represent their college at various places. Seetha and Manish being close friends they decided to team up along with one girl and two boys and totally the team has 5 members. They were given a topic to perform and they were prepared to be sent to Electronic City for two weeks to represent a National Conference in the field of Robotics. She now is a third-year student have no objection as her parents didn’t stop her. So they were on-board in a train that started on December 12, 2011, at around 8:00 PM from Chennai Central. They were in the group and chatting. The night has reached and they decided to take nap on their respective berth.

It’s around 1:00 PM in the mid-night, Seetha got up to take her mobile from the charging plug.She felt like someone is touching her inappropriately and to her shock it’s Manish. Even when she resisted he did not give up and kissed her. She was angry and gave him a blow but weakly. She went away crying and Manish was standing there thinking he’s achieved something. The morning when the station arrived, Seetha who speaks a lot remains silent. Everybody in the gang asked her and unable to hold it up she pulls out everything that had happened on a train. But they asked her to close this out this would bring damage to the college and even to her studies as she must face police, media, and Court. But Seetha never gave up, she went to the local police station and complained about the issue but she forgot that Manish is the son of the local Businessman. Soon when the message reached Manish’s father, he contacted Seetha and threatened her to give-up the case or else he would damage her image by stating wrongly about how she got the money for Engineering fees. Fearing about the consequences, Seetha made the complaint to be closed.

The day passed and it’s the last day in Bangalore. Seetha and team after completing the conference they decided to go for a Movie but Seetha refused to come. The other team members went to Movie leaving Seetha in the hotel.

Manish being the pervert on Seetha decided to do something to her which she will never forget but waited for a perfect opportunity. Then, the movie got completed and they reached the hotel, preparing for the checkout. They walked outside and reached Railways station and boarded the train to Chennai. But after the incident in a train, Seetha reduced her company with Manish and they both rarely spoke. Seetha concentrated on the placements and final exams.

Now, it’s the time for the placement and final exam result. Seetha passed out in distinction and she got placed in a renowned automation company but as a trainee where she would be offered basic salary which is less. For Manish and his father who was waiting to make Seetha learn a lesson used this opportunity.

Manish’s father asked Seetha to return the amount immediately or else she would face consequences. Seetha is unanswerable. One night, when she is failed to get the cab and walked to some distance from her office to the main road which consists of dark area without lights. Manish and his gang who were noticing her movements took advantage and covered her. She was taken to the area with no person walking and she was brutally tortured. She heard a voice from Manish who whispered: “By this, there is no need to repay”. Manish and gang left her after torturing her left there and ran away. Seetha, who is now in weak condition gained consciousness after few hours was noticed by police patrol vehicle and they took them to the local hospital and informed parents about this. With the request from the parents, this was not informed by the Media.

Once she was fine after a month full of counseling and taking pills she was fine and back to the office with all the curse and scolding from the family members she is holding. Someone has passed this information to the office and everyone in the office started behaving badly with her and only a friend who is supporting her is her friend Mesha. She continued to work there with all the bad words about her flowing into her ears from office and even from her home. Days passed and now she is a full-time employee with the package of 5 lakhs annually. Now as per India, is the time for getting her married. Her parents registered her to a Matrimony website. Seeing her salary structure many requests came in but her only condition is one who accepts her past life should be her Life-Partner and hence she would say about her incident to all who seeks her and everybody rejected her. After few months, a proposal came online with the name Harish and they planned to visit her parents. Like before, she asked him to have a personal conversation and she explains her about the past life and to her surprise he accepted it.

They got engaged and by the immediate auspicious day they were married. This doesn’t stop by the marriage, Harish even supported her in all his work and raised her to the most influential post of the company by letting her work. They were gifted with the girl child and they both considered as a gift. They both shared parental work equally and lived happily together. This is how the Angel finally found her wings.


———————–THE SEARCH BEGINS———————–

© Copyright 2020 Bala Venkatachalam. All rights reserved.

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