Pursue Your Dream

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is the story of a asthma patient who aspires to be a runner does he achieve his dream? Does he pursue his dream?

Table of Contents

Beep, Beep Hospital

CHAPTER-1 Beep, Beep Hospital   “Where am I?” I wondered while struggling to wake up in a well-lit room. I stare at ... Read Chapter

Recollections-Part 1

CHAPTER-2 Recollections-Part I   June 3 1998 a date which I will never forget, a day which changed my life forever, a da... Read Chapter

Recovery and Further Training

CHAPTER-3 Recovery and Further Training   Back to the present, Thinking of all this I slept of. But now I have to think ... Read Chapter

Recollections-Part 2

CHAPTER-4 Recollections-Part II   The most memorable times of my horrifying past was the time I spent with my father whi... Read Chapter

Selection Trials

CHAPTER-5 Selection Trials   As I get back to the present from my thoughts the race is almost going to begin. There were... Read Chapter

The State Championship

CHAPTER-6 The State Championship   I went to my brother who congratulated me but at the same criticized me for not being... Read Chapter

The Rush and Recollections-Part 3

CHAPTER-7 The Rush and Recollection-Part III   As soon as I checked my mail I immediately informed my brother who was su... Read Chapter

Welcome to the National Sports Academy

CHAPTER-8 Welcome to the National Sports Academy   I am woken up by my brother as we had reached Oklahoma. We moved out ... Read Chapter

Recollections-Part 4

CHAPTER- 9 Recollections-Part IV   As I was waiting for him in a coffee shop on a Thursday. I drifted off into my though... Read Chapter

Here I Come Rio

CHAPTER-10 Here I Come Rio   As my brother sits at the table I was sitting. He notices that I am drifted in my own thoug... Read Chapter

Inching towards the Finale

CHAPTER-11 Inching towards the Finale   When I open my eyes we had landed in Rio de Janeiro. We collected our baggage an... Read Chapter

Shock and the final hurdle

CHAPTER-12 Shock and the final hurdle    But the sleep didn’t last long as I was woken by a sudden call at 4:30 i... Read Chapter

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