Fear kills motivation

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This article is about the thin line that exists between fear and motivation.


Fear kills motivation is the quote of the day, it sums up everything that we, as humans go through in our everyday life. We can get really motivated about something and finally end up not doing anything about it.  Which makes us stop believing in motivation and consequently in ourselves. Since all motivation does is get our hopes up for a period of time and then disappoint the hell out of us.

That can be really hard to overcome, if a child go through public humilation in class just because he dared to talk, you’re not going to hear that child talk again. Since his first experience with public speaking was not encouraging. Thus he developped a fear that will keep him from  exposing himself again to the public. That way he is protecting himself from all the hurt that the outside world could possibly suck into him.

I once had a teacher who used to say that you either are an open book or a closed one. For her, there were two kinds of people, the people who put themselves out there, without over-thinking what they’re doing. They are the ones who are open for everyone to read.  They speak their mind without fear, They put themselves on the edge of everything. We could say they’re  constantly jumping in the fire and they enjoy the heat that comes from it.

However the closed books are frightened for themseves, they don’t think that they’re suitable for everyone and they’re not. Reading them is a process, that depends on their ability to reveal their pages to you. They are hard to deal with and they require patience.  If they are in the crowd, you’ll find them mostly silent, over-analyzing everyone around them, trying to come up with a behavioral pattern that will allow them to connect with the surrounding people. They never communicate their true selves to you, not because they are being playful. In fact they have no control over it, it has being printed in them in their early life, and you can do nothing about it. Giving them time and accepting who they are without conditions, are the keys to their openess. And I garrantee you that they will be one of the best people that you would ever have to have aquaintance with.

Therefore, they are called the introverts, since they have a whole world inside of them, that they have to deal with, before opening themselves to you. You’ll be surprised of the number of thoughts that come into their mind before daring to speak to their  interlocutor.

The open books act upon themselves and the closed books react to others, because they have never been thaught how to act since early age.

I’m not saying that they’re helpless, if they have the desire to change themselves and take action of their own life, they can do it. It will take time, It will be hard, they will encounter lots of disappointments along the way. Nevertheless, if they keep on fighting and resisting their comfort, they will achieve greatness.

Thereby, the secret to every achievement is to have faith in yourself and your ability to do anything you set your mind to one way or another, to surround yourself with people that bring good energy to your life and finally teach your mind and soul how to filtrate ideas, enabling you to let the positive ones in and discard the negative ones.

I happen to be a closed book and I accept that,  it forms my personality. Since I could not exist in any other form. I even find myself in situations where I know that i’m all closed off without wanting to do anything about it. And that could only be explained by the fact that I don’t feel safe with you, not yet. And me being closed off around you, is my way of protecting myself from all the hurt that you could possibly inflict on me. I’m afraid for my soul. I don’t want to hurt it more than it is hurt.

I aknowledge the fact that this is not a healthy way to live, that being like this is kind off standing in the way of me living my life as I should. It is keeping roses from flourishing in my garden, it is keeping the sun from exceeding mountains and taking over, it is setting unnecessarily boundaries in place where there is no need for them.


Submitted: February 05, 2018

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