As If The Most Ultimate Of Kings.

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It might have been to viciously slander me; venomously dissolve me like a piece of frigid shit; an infinite kilometers well beneath the murderous corpses of all times,

It might have been to reproachfully lambaste me; treacherously blow me forever and ever and ever away; into the graveyards of lethally stabbing and shriveled oblivion,

It might have been to sadistically comment upon my impoverished form; perennially ensure that it floated like the most lackadaisically frazzled carcass of misery; in between heaven and disparaging hell,

It might have been to decimate me beyond realms of holistic recognition; before devilishly feeding every ounce of my wretchedly decaying carrion; to the hideously scavenging and cold-blooded vultures,

It might have been to wholesomely defeat every trace of my tangible existence; compassionately beseech the most uncouthly truculent demons to excoriate me into a
boundless bits of disastrously terrorizing nothingness,

It might have been to wantonly taint even the most unassailably righteous fabric of my harmonious survival; with the pathetically asphyxiating grime of dastardly lies,

It might have been to announce my loss in mind; body and jubilant form; to the trajectory of this fathomlessly enchanting planet; whereas I still exuberantly paraded in the aisles of indefatigably fructifying utopia,

It might have been to ghoulishly bemoan every bit of philanthropic goodness that I divulged into; salaciously dragging my name into the coffins of hedonistically flagrant corruption,

It might have been to deliriously torture every bounteously fantasizing fragment of my brain; with the inconsolably weeping broomsticks of tyrannizing malice,

It might have been to Spartanly order every rabid dog on this poignantly ubiquitous planet; to summon as  quickly as possible near my innocuous face; and then
intransigently bite the same as if there wasn't the slightest of sunset,

It might have been to unstoppably ridicule me; make a blatantly intolerable parody about each of my weaknesses; to every organism effulgently breathing on planet divine,

It might have been to satanically deafen even the most infinitesimal of my senses; numb every gloriously conceivable movement of my nimble body; with the cries
of outrageously maniacal extinction,

It might have been to unrelentingly drag me to the gallows of heartlessly maiming confinement; impugning me of the highest treason ever committed on earth; which I never ever die or could dream to do,

It might have been to mercilessly pounce upon every imaginable penny of my unflinching perseverance; wickedly burn the same into parasitically sordid
flames of lecherous hatred,

It might have been to timelessly jinx every euphorically benign aspect of my existence; with the brutally ominous chains of nothingness and the lull of
melancholic debauchery; which suddenly arouse after blissful life,

It might have been to violently molest every ingredient of my unimpeachable virginity; with the acrimoniously fetid dagger-heads of garrulously rancid

It might have been to metamorphose every bit of pricelessly inimitable truth in my soul; into the most atrociously degradable mortuary of sinfully beheading lies,

It might have been to perpetually snap the fangs of my symbiotically enthralling existence; and then bawdily suck all lifeless blood from my veins to be the most
sanctimoniously strongest organism alive,

And I really didn't have the tiniest of insinuation as to what were your intentions everytime you opened your mouth for uttering my name; but believe me; everytime
when you did actually whisper my name in your sensuously unparalleled voice; I felt the most pricelessly insuperable man alive; as if the most ultimate of Kings; on this unshakably limitless earth divine.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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