As The Lights Changed From Red To Green

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



A thousand heads surged forward; whizzing at electric speeds past the assemblage of dense trees,

A thousand mouths heaved a sigh of relief; releasing tones of frustrated spit imprisoned inside,

A thousand fists punched free air; pounded the vibrant space around in unmatched exhilaration,

A thousand eyes glistened in happiness; oozing out tears of unsurpassable joy,

A thousand hearts throbbed thunderously; executing several beats at a time,

A thousand legs kicked gallons of loose mud; probed forward in unrelenting euphoria,

A thousand tongues swished in boisterous fervor; expressing tales of new found adventure,

A thousand lips opened in volatile fury; with exultating sounds of complete triumph reverberating loud and clear through the atmosphere,

A thousand watches ticked astoundingly fast; increasing their pace infinite times more than usual,

A thousand armpits diffused an ocean of sweat; with each droplet trickling down; merrily under the austere and blazing Sun,

A thousand fingers rose animatedly towards the heaven; thanking the Almighty lord in unanimous unison,

A thousand ears sprang up in stupendous arousal; regaining back their ability to trace the most minutest of sound; a thing which had relinquished for the last few minutes,

A thousand shirts suddenly started to flutter passionately; gaining momentum with each slap of vivacious breeze,

A thousand pair of hair stood up erect in alacrity on the scalp; with all the dreariness encompassing them; now disappearing into invisible wisps of oblivion,

A thousand bones commenced to dance in ecstatic jubilation; suddenly retrieving back their energy after long minutes of boring rest,
A thousand veins transported blood faster than the shark; augmenting its supply to the heart; thoroughly charged by the noise of unruly traffic and stridently
clanging horns,

A thousand bellows of smoke escalated ferociously towards the sky; as motion began once again with unprecedented ardor,

A thousand wheels gushed forward in uncontrollable anger and respite; as the accelerator was squeezed incorrigibly to its maximum limit,

And strangely but profoundly true; the reason for all the above pandemonium was an almost inconspicuous movement of the traffic bulb; which had just changed from red to green.

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