As The Wind Blew

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Granules of silver sands drifted into my eye; tormenting them to the threshold of irritation,
Wild draughts of wind blew across my face; almost annihilating all the hair inhabiting  my scalp,
Black wisps of clouds hovered disconcertingly close to my persona; circumventing me from all sides,
Scraps of strewn paper; threads of innocuous cotton rose high in the breeze; settled nimbly on my freckled nose,
Frothy waves of the sea struck me with tenacity; diffusing into pearls of ravishing foam,
Gigantic lizards slithered harmlessly on the soil; gallivanting their way upwards into the crevices of the tree,
Rustic leaves of the foliated trees swirled violently; occasionally dropping on the ground with a thud,
Infinite blades of grass got dismantled from their roots; lay massacred in a pathetic heap,
Bountiful amounts of dust adhered to immaculately polished windows; the sparkling exteriors of statues transited to blotted and scarred,
Metallic signboards in the street fluttered turbulently under the midday Sun; belting under pressure,
Fleets of birds in the sky glided ecstatically; without generating effort from their aerodynamic wings,
Scores of rusty iron nails entangled themselves from crevices; rubbed themselves vigorously against sandpaper corrugations of the wall,
The bells in the church chimed incessantly; striking their fangs tenaciously against pallid bronze,
Slender needles of the tower clock revolved haphazardly; displaying
erratic fluctuations of time,
Hordes of mice retreated hastily in their burrows; shriveling to half of their original size,
The potbellied tortoise sunk way beneath into its shell; profoundly contented with its perennial warmth,
Steaming coffee cascaded all over into a rampant spray; as I tried to pour it  dexterously from the kettle,
A battalion of fish tried to escape from the boisterous waves of the sea; find some respite from the torrential reverberations of the water,
Tightly fitted contemporary caps were swept like rolling pins from scalps; the crisp demeanor of my office shirt developed a plethora of crease,
I simply relinquished all power to open my eyes; hoist my head towards the sky; and her breath seemed closer to me like never before,
As the wind blew at swashbuckling speeds; inundating the stillness of atmosphere with the euphoria of vibrant adventure.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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