As You Fell Into The Gorge Of Immortal Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It made you feel as if you were reborn a countless times out of inane nothingness; as the most unassailably euphoric king of all times and with the reins of your compassion brilliantly harnessing the entire planet,

It made you feel as if the Sun never ever dolefully set; with the astoundingly ameliorating brightness of exuberant life; perpetually prevailing over every nook and cranny of this majestic planet,

It made you feel as if there were fires of untamed passion; profoundly rekindling the surface of lividly limp and frigid water; swirling unfettered towards the highest epitome of fathomless blue sky,

It made you feel as if even the most wee hours of morbid midnight; bountifully chanted the mantra of ever-pervading fertility; replenishing each impoverished nerve of existence with the enchantment of creation galore,

It made you feel as if each denomination of currency and wealth on the globe was trapped in your outstretched palms; whereas there was nothing but maimed devastation to confront till boundless kilometers of your visage; in pragmatic reality,

It made you feel as if even the most aridly acrimonious patches of the desert; bloomed perennially with priceless roses and lilies; and unceasing springs of sparkling water; merrily sprouted from each granule of sweltering sand,

It made you feel as if the very definition of inexplicable misery; had forever been erased from the complexion of this boundless earth; although countless of your kind suffered in the agony of horrendous solitariness; just beside your every stride,

It made you feel as if there was nothing but the religion of humanity conquering everything on planet earth; although innumerable spat hostile blood on your face every minute; thoroughly quagmired with the discrepancies of religion; caste; creed and kind,

It made you feel that there was no significance at all of the word 'I' on this motley planet; when infact there was so much to learn and imbibe; from the triumphant goodness lingering in each organisms life,

It made you feel that time had come to an absolute standstill; and the most adorable moments of your childhood and life; came galloping back once again to you; to stay for a countless lifetimes,

It made you feel that irrespective of whether or not you'd achieved even a single stone in your entire lifetime; you still were the richest organism existing; for speaking the truth and just being your very own original impeccable self,

It made you feel the most uncannily inscrutable shivers of adventure; even in the broadest of sweltering daylight; and with the most unscrupulous battalion of cars; traffic and robotically venomous smoke hovering around,

It made you feel as if the form of Omnipotent God could be witnessed on every branch; nook; cranny and pebble on earth; though the irrevocably religious society had confined him only to the constraints of the Church; Monastery; Temple and Mosque,

It made you feel as if each streak of thunderously silver lightening which fell from sky; reborn you for an infinite births and with the most victorious of visage; wherein all it did was to numb you there and then itself to death before your time,

It made you feel as if there was unparalleled sensuality lingering in even the most deadened of corpses; which were nothing but a conglomerate of ghoulishly jinxed bones; fouling in the wretchedly wastrel graveyard,

It made you feel as if the entire world ran on the fingertips of the freshly born child; and it was the sheer power in his Omniscient eyes which could melt any heaven or hell; in fractions of seconds alike,

It made you feel as if the whole planet was nothing but ramifications of compassion; the voluptuous amalgamation of the male and female form; intertwined invincibly in waves of lust; for centuries unprecedented,

It made you feel as if there was nothing beyond your very own breath; as you burnt to a countless tantalizingly excruciating deaths and evolved into a countless forms of benign life; simply in its Omnipotent fire,

O! Yes. That's exactly how you and an infinite like you felt; whilst for the first time as you fell; fell and undyingly kept falling into the gorge of Immortal Love.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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