Astoundingly Sensitive

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Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



Immune to the most sacrilegiously lambasting religion; when every ingredient of my pricelessly symbiotic existence; was being barbarously pulverized to inconspicuous ash,

Immune to the most bizarrely unsparing apocalypses of drought; when there wasn't even an infinitesimal droplet of water to quench the insatiably aggrandizing thirst in my throat,

Immune to the most thunderously menacing avalanches; when brutally frigid ice froze the last iota of scarlet blood in my veins,

Immune to the most acrimoniously charring afternoon Sun; when every cranny of my countenance unrelentingly trembled to the last bone down my spine,

Immune to the most turbulently usurping seas; when each of my senses felt ghoulishly asphyxiating to the rock bottom of inanely decrepit nothingness,

Immune to the most horrendously stabbing stench; when the dastardly caravans of ghastly gutter stench; had transcended every bit of ebullient goodness in
my synergistically holistic persona,

Immune to the most opprobriously penalizing politics; when the hell of adulteration and corruption; had horrifically maimed me for the remainder of my impoverishedly truncated lifetime,

Immune to the most diabolically roaring lion; when infact he was busy
indiscriminately excoriating every bone of my nimble body; at supremely gay

Immune to the most abjectly terrorizing of depression; venomously paralyzing every tangible and intangible nerve of my flaccidly flailing silhouette,

Immune to the most cold-bloodedly beheading war; when there wasn't the tiniest of roof to compassionately sequester my scalp,

Immune to the most abysmally fetid graveyard of abhorrent lies; when the
parasites of salaciously bludgeoning drudgery overruled every dormitory of my brain,

Immune to the most ignominiously slandering of winds; when the corpses of morbidly wastrel frustration; made each instant of my holistic life worse than the rabidly dying dog,

Immune to the most devastatingly demonic sounds; when the wails of the ghost crucified me till infinite infinity; on the perfidiously cold floor,

Immune to the most invidiously scurrilous of atrocities; when the derogatorily debasing debauchery of the corrupt planet; had rendered me penniless to the last strand of hair on my scalp,

Immune to the most hopelessly destroying pangs of hunger; when I lay disdainfully shriveled and abominably hapless; in the mercilessly livid rathole,

Immune to the most lecherously massacring of swords; when my neck slithered
for countless hours on barren soil; without a trifle of its compassionately counterpart body,

Immune to the most hedonistically unsurpassable of floods; when I didn't get even a sole second to alight my foot; as unceremoniously besmirched water forever closed the breath in my nostrils,

Immune to the most libidinously haunting betrayal; when even the best of my
comrades; cadaverously blinded every aspect of my philanthropic existence; the instant I turned my back,

But astoundingly sensitive to even the most infidel of her celestial footstep; astoundingly sensitive to even the most evanescently fading of her invincible breath; astoundingly sensitive to even the most nimble flutter of her miraculous eyelashes;  astoundingly sensitive to even the most faintest whisper of her Immortal Love; was; am and shall forever be; I

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