National Debt

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Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



In the past few decades, the National Debt has reached an outrageous number. This can and most likely will cause problems in the future, if we do nothing to lower it and continue to overspend as we have been. It is an intricate problem that doesn’t have one easy solution, and will have to be worked on for it to get better. A few things that will aid in this cutting down of National Debt would be to cut government spending, and to raise taxes. In looking at where teh government spending is over extending, the obvious answer is the military. This is an outrageous thing to do where many areas need aid and the military budget does not. Cutting down on that budget and redistributing it to other areas will help cut down on the National Debt. For raising taxes, one of the most important places to raise them on is the top 1%. Time has proven that trickle down economics does not work, and by lowering the taxes on the wealthy few, we are really just losing money that can go towards helping the country, and putting the less wealthy into more desperate situations. The current National Debt is a problem,, but it is one that can be solved. With a bipartisan effort and the aknowledgement of past failures, our government should be able to lower or at least help keep the same, our National Debt.

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