Spring Green

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Just an essay about the changing of the seasons from winter to spring.

Spring Green


My husband and I wait expectantly every year for the first blush of green to crawl across the landscape as one of the first announcements of spring.  After the long dark winter, the beauty of that gentle green is exciting.  From a farmer’s point of view, it is the beginning of another growing season. 

It also signals me to don my “Christopher Robin” tall black rubber boots so I can traverse the damp grass and access my clothes line.  On that clothes line, I hang my sheets that have been freed from their winter imposed linen closet prison and expose them to the wind and sun that they long for.  They flap gaily in the breeze as though breathing in the fresh air.  Their flapping looks as though they are waving to my neighbors and sometimes with their exuberant waving, I fancy I hear them clapping.Such excitement!

The grass rears its head long enough for the cows, horses and goats to crop their spears off for fresh and tasty nourishment after the winter’s hay. 

When the daffodils begin to bloom, it’s almost as though the sun has dropped little golden orbs in the flower garden to cheer even the most recalcitrant flower to look up with renewed vigor to challenge them to begin their own metamorphosis. 

After a few days, the newborn calves get their land legs and begin their own derby as they race around and chase each other.  They look like they are trying to qualify for the races that exist in their own minds.  The goats’ joust and butt heads.  All of the animals seem to have “spring fever”.Their extreme energy is catchy!

Perhaps it’s the new green grass, gentle spring breezes or the warmth of the sun that cause both man and beast to feel rejuvenated once again

Whatever it is, I feel confident that spring is one of the most joyous seasons of the year.  It encompasses new birth and the resurrection of flowers and plants that have lain dormant.  It’s a time when buried seed brings forth the promise of future food and flowers.

So, each year, we wait for “spring green” to beckon us forward and welcome newness of life.


Submitted: February 05, 2018

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