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This is a really short and simple story about a girl named Alyssa who catfishes a boy named Max.

?One -


Everything hurt.

All I could see was lies.

Lies that I created

My lies.



I pressed it.

I chose this.

I was the one who hurt him

I hurt someone.

He was the one.

But I lied.

For what?

A stupid game.

A stupid fucking game.



She fucking sucks.

She fucking lied.

She told me all this SHIT

All these lies.

I was so stupid.

I believed her.

I listened to her!

I fucking trusted her.

So that's where I went wrong.

I trusted her.

Chapter One Part one.

I looked at that fucking screen again.

Why was I expecting to see a message from her again?

My heart hurt.

"Max..." a voice says.

I push away tears.

"Come in." I yell.

I see Fiona standing in the doorway with her eyes full of sorrow.

"Hey Max...Wanna go out for lunch?"

She was practically begging. She was my little sister, i couldn't say no.


Her face lit up, "Okay Maxie, I'll be ready in 10!" She smiles then rushes out of the doorway. I smile lazily as I look down at myself, I looked like shit.

I walked towards my closet, and pulled out a shirt, not realizing this shirt was not just any shirt...Al loved this shirt on me...

I froze as tears fell down my cheeks...I fell against the wall allowing myself to just break...

"Max?" I hear Fiona's little voice say...

I wipe my tears off with the side of my palm and fake a grin, "Coming!" I run downstairs after putting on another shirt and hug my sister from behind, scaring her.

"Hey Maxie! Ready to go?"

Chapter one; part two

"Alyssa" The voice kept repeating.

Didn't they get I just wanted to be alone? I needed to be alone.

"Go away."

I still see the outline in the doorway.


I frown.

My legs felt numb as I stood up.

I wanted to fall back down.

I leaned my body against the door.

"I don't want to talk." I murmur

I close my eyes hoping the person would leave.

"You have to Alyssa. Be down in five or I'm coming in."

Following what the person said, they left.

I groan in frustration.

I stand up, as I put my hand against the wall for support.

I'm up.


I just wanted to fall back down on my bed and just talk to him.

I know I can't.

I know he hates me.

I'd hate me too.


Chapter two; part one.

"Is something wrong?" Her fragile voice wheezed.

I smiled at her. Or tried to smile.

"I'm fine Fiona."

I was a bad liar.



She smiled at me as she called over the waiter.

She was the definition of just a happy poster child.

"I'll be right back."

I got up and walked towards the bathroom.

Leaving Fiona there confused.

I wasn't trying to hurt her.

I know she hated to see me like this.

I couldn't tell her.

She'd never understand

No one would.


Chapter two; part two

I threw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants and groaned.

I hated myself.

I wanted to just fix everything..

Star over, and tell the truth.

But of course, that isn't possible.

When you hurt someone like I hurt him, you don't get a second chance, you don't get a redo, you get one chance in this lifetime and you can't just blow it like I blew mine.



He was just sitting there, grinning like everything was okay. Like he didn't see that I was broken, like he didn't even CARE that I was someone else on the inside.

I grinded my teeth together to keep myself from screaming at him.

He just sat there, smiling.

I wanted to punch him.

He patted the seat next to him and motioned for me to sit there.

Oh how badly I wanted to punch him


Chapter three; part one

After lunch Fiona had to go back to her flat, she told me to text her if anything happened or I just needed her. She was amazing.

As soon as I got back I tried to cut again.

I wanted the pain to just be shown on my body.

I wanted HER to know how badly she hurt me.

That she broke me.

I imagined that she was just laughing wherever she was, getting ready to PRETEND to be someone else for another guy. Making up this girl who I fell in love with. I bet I wasn't even the first guy she catfished.

I didn't even know who told me who she really was, but he said he knew Al and that she was hurting everyone around her. I wanted to just scream.

Scream at her.

I had morals, so if I ever saw her, I wouldn't punch her. I'd never hurt anyone, especially a girl.

I just wanted her to know how badly she hurt me, that her words affected me.

That her lies affected me.


Chapter three; part two

It had been two weeks since I last talked to Max.

And fuck I missed him

So I decided to just...message him.

He probably blocked me, but I needed him to know that I never meant to hurt him. That I do love him. That my feelings were real.

So I began to type.

Max, I never meant for this to happen, cliche I know...but the girl I was saying I was, is the girl I want to be, I want to be Alyssa. Your Alyssa. I want you to know everything. And I'm ready to tell you everything. I saw you for the first time at the park, you were with a blonde, who I now know is your sister. You looked so damn perfect, you didn't even look at me. But I noticed when you walked away with your sister to get food, you left your phone...You didn't have a passcode...and I went on your phone, I wrote down your number...and I saw a bunch of notes on your phone, all about your dream girl...and I figured...I could be her...or pretend to be just like that I messaged you the next day, I said that I found your number from a never questioned who gave me your I just kept talking to you, I meant to tell you..but I was so scared you wouldn't like the real me...I'm sorry Max. I love you, and I always will. -Alyssa ps; don't dye your hair ((: bye max.


Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Sean Terrence Best

Poignant tale....I like the staccato style. I always suspected that those who imagine themselves toying with the heart of another are actually expressing evidence of their own psychological and emotional cravings. Your story is a shoot-from-the-hip portrayal of the myriad cultural and sociological tangles of the human condition on modern planet Earth. Well done!

Mon, February 5th, 2018 5:46pm

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