Puppies, I. Q's, And Rainbows

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A loyal friend

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018




To avoid the nasty comments, puppies and rainbows,

what could be less-political? Everybody knows


Those are two subjects it's safe to post about,

that won't cause anyone to cry and pout


about, so here we go, 'There once was a puppy named

Fido, who was pissed about our direction, and blamed


the pathetic excuse for humanity in the House Of White,

see, this was one smart dog, his I. Q was well out of sight!


While most dogs would be content with chasing a ball,

not Fido, no sir, he wasn't content with mundane, not at all.


While most dogs dreamed of finding a bowl of kibbles at

the end of the rainbow, Fido dreamed of getting rid of the rat


who pissed off his owner, thereby making his life a living hell,

for, being a sensitive, in tune dog, he could definitely tell


when Mike was angry and upset, so it made him those things too,

for Fido was not only a smart dog, he was loyal, also.


Yes sir, having an upset, surly master, surely did blow,

for on his masters' face, every bit of anger did show


Okay, he really doesn't give a shit, he followed his masters' mood,

for if Mike was upset, he didn't get petted or his damn food!






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