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BOOM! The Big Bang has happened.

The Great Nothing, which was more than everything, collapsed to the dot of aught. It had tightly rolled to itself contracting to the size of an invisible point. As if a pregnant, suffered from the late toxicosis, it was groaning and straining to finish the pregnancy once and for all. The unprecedented quantity of energy was accumulated. And then the explosion became. The mess, the speed, the fire, the ice and tonnes of radiation. Since that moment, the Great Something has started gathering to atoms, molecules, stars, planets, and galaxies continuing to diverge and making the Universe infinite. They were running from each other like cockroaches in the kitchen of a sloppy housewife when she comes in the middle of the night to make a sip of water because of hangover and switches on the dim lamp.

“Pph-ph-ph,” Something exhaled the soul into a body.

“Ouch,” the motionless body felt it and sensed how the soul was gnawing at each of body’s cells like thousands of snakes.

“All this for you,” the voice of the Something ringed.

“For me?” the weakened body wondered.

“For you.” the Something boomed.

“Thank you… a lot of thank you, but it is extremally painful. I can not breathe because of the sore. I shocked cause the pain. Tell me please, what am I and  what the reason for me to get that all?”

“You are Who, not what,” sighed the Something. “To tell the truth, I do not know why that is all for you… Probably, If I exist, should be you too.”

“I can’t understand. It is incomprehensible. Incomprehensibly and sorely.” the body hardly breathed.

The Something breathed too. Breathed heavily, bitterly and melancholy. “I do not know, to be honest. But I think, I will find the answer. Now, I can be sad only”.

“Maybe I can help you,” asked the body overcoming the pain. The soul did not have enough time to fill all body’s dark nooks.

“In some ways,” whispered the Something and started to cry with the drizzling rain. The drops fell on the face, chest, and the ground around the body’s feet. The voice of the Something became more silent than before. ‘I do not know what you think. I know that you are my need. My need to create.”

“It’s difficult to understand you,” the body answered and covered by goosebumps because of cold tears of the Something.

“It is not easy for me too. When I was only the invisible dot, I did not have any problems. Now, when I am becoming bigger and broader, I am getting the emptiness inside of me. And this vacuum sounds like needs. I can not find out what is this! It is like anguish! This anguish excruciates me, tears me on the parts and demands the actions.”

The human was mutely setting and smearing the drops of the rain on his body.

“Do you see, how frank I am with you?” asked the Something.

“Frank?” asked human. “What frank does mean?” The body was confused.

“Hm. When the soul be assimilated in your body, maybe you will realize it… probably,” the Something said thoughtfully. Then it silenced for a minute because understood own lie. Suddenly, it figured out that the soul never would be explored. The soul would never open to its wearer and never become clear. The soul would ever grow tearing everything on its way like cancer. The soul would be the main evil.

The human did not like the pause which filled the space. It made him nervous. The anxiety was slowly ascending from his feet. The knees started shivering. The buttocks shrank. The belly was shackled into the iron shell. The fear snaked to the mediastinum and squeezed man’s heart. His breathing got hard and noise. Fever surged to the cheeks, ears and gorged the nape from inside.

“Hey!” the man screamed. “Don’t go! Where you are?!”

Nobody answered.

“Where you are?!” he shrieked again. The horror distorted his face. Man wanted to cry harder, but he could not. The throat got stony and produced rales only. It looked like the eternity was pulling hard from all sides trying to crash the body and tear out the fragile soul.

The planet rushed ahead on its orbit with an enormous speed of one hundred eight thousands kilometers per hour. The man was staying on the planet’s surface, clinging to it with all his soul, and did not understand what was happening to him.


Submitted: February 05, 2018

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