Chapter 1: Awakening

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke to a massive pounding in the back of my head. I couldn’t remember anything, nothing at all. No name, no face, nothing. The only thing I knew as I looked up at the clear blue sky was that I was created, not born. Manufactured from the mind of someone else rather than their loins. Slowly, holding my head, I sat up and glanced down at myself.

I was wearing beat up clothing and had a dark black beard trailing down my front. Next to me sat a small iron dagger. Slowly I reached down and picked it up.

Acquired Iron Dagger Lvl. 1

This Iron Dagger was Found Next to You Upon Entering the Game.

Iron, while one of the basic metal elements, also creates Weapons just above the stature of Rock based Weapons.

Attack: Base 3



All Equipment in the Game is designed to level with your character. For someone who uses the starting Dagger for his entire life, the Dagger will be the strongest Weapon in the Game.


“Oh, that’s right… I remember now… I am a character. An artificial intelligence.” I stood and looked around me. I knew everything here was fake, but it was my World, my life. I knew that I would either survive or be reborn. I was created to be used by players, but it has been so long since a player used my character mesh. I sighed softly before another Window came into my view.



I hope you understand and actually receive this, I am giving you the freedom to do what the Players have stopped doing. You will be given complete control of yourself. You are no longer a Player Controlled Character, you are your own Player. As such, the main rules will still apply to you, however, you will be unable to change your appearance due to a lack of program power without you losing your own personality (don’t think I haven’t noticed).

You are now free to do whatever you choose. Should you wish to end it and be removed from the Game entirely, simply speak it out loud and I will make it happen. You have been the absolute trademark of the Game for as long as you have existed. This is my final gift to you for a life well lived.


The Programmer


“He actually does care, huh? Seems almost like a gimmick, but I’ll bite.” I attached the Dagger to my belt and started walking toward the road I could see in the distance. I didn’t know what the rules were for this Game, my memories must have been selectively wiped before I was dumped where I was.

At the road there were a few signs, one for each of the three paths stemming forward. Oddly, the one going off on its own was unlabeled.

Left – Carmile

Center – Yakooz

Right – Jamestown


I spent a few minutes looking at the sign trying to remember if I had ever been to any of these places. Deciding that I couldn’t remember any of these places I took the center path and merely walked along it. Nothing here really made sense to me overall, however I knew this is where I belong. The trees stretched along this road as far as I could see, however, I could also see giant stone towers above the tops of the trees in the distance. “Must be a castle up there. Interesting, usually castles are something you would remember.”

To my left I heard something in the bushes along the road. Slowly, I pulled my dagger from its temporary binding. From the brush a large spider stepped into the road. Most people’s definition of a large spiders about a quarter, but, this one was nearly two foot tall. It looked at me and squealed loudly before jumping at me. Quickly I brought the dagger up and took off two of the creature’s legs on one side, causing the beast to screech in pain.


Damage: 14

Creature Speed Down


Player Damage: 5

Player Posioned – 2 Damage / Sec


“Damn it. Now my arm is going numb.” I looked down and saw that the spider took quite a chunk out of my arm. The creature came after me again, but I was ready. I caught it by some of its remaining legs and slammed it into the ground.


Damage: 32 Critical Strike, Weakness found <Blunt Weapons>


Spider Attack Survived

+50 Exp.

Level Up!

+Spider venom


Achievement Unlocked: Survival of the Newest

You Survived your first encounter and Leveled Up. You now have access to the Character Stat Sheet and the Level Up Sheet.


Achievement Unlocked: Gotta Have it

You found your first item that wasn’t just given to you, so you didn’t die. You have unlocked the Inventory page and the ability to wear two sets of equipment.


Achievement Unlocked: Win or Lose

Regardless of if you won or lost your first encounter you have gained a permanent bonus of to all Stats; this is one of the very few Achievements with improved Stats that will follow you through your lives.


‘What the hell?’ I thought about what a Character Sheet was, and I finally saw myself. It had a picture of me next to a list of things under a title called Stats, a flashing ‘Level Up!’ sign flashing over his picture. The page was floating in front of me like nothing I had seen before. I reached out and touched my picture causing the page to change.

It became similar however the page eliminated the picture and grew to explain the different Stats.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

© Copyright 2021 TechnoWolf77. All rights reserved.


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