U Turn

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A zoom in to an American Hitch Hiking Adventure.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



I was so excited to embark upon this great adventure to cross the great American continent first west and then south to Chile. Connecting to my nomadic Homosapien roots at it’s most powerful ways.

Exploring the land and letting the Earth provide.


When my friends drop me off at a starting point of a hitch hiking trip, they feel very weird to “abandon” me in the middle of the high way; I love saying those goodbyes at the edge of an adventure, it’s like high fives right before climbing out of an airplane door ready to jump out.

Once friends disappear in the horizon, i’m left alone, with the sound of the motor way :)

All this motion in contrast to my stillness and peace of mind.

It is just a moment until a car stops by.

Time is irrelevant, the moment is the same until it changes.

Airports, once goodbyes have been said, is pretty much the same experience, full of human herding, lines, security checks, shops, more shops, some more shops and lots and lots of people passing through. I get only a micro glimpse of those people that catch my attention in the airport, maybe we’ll cross paths again, maybe will sit next to each other.


My first ride was a dude who is having a new start as well, freshly divorced, moving to a new city, relocating his business, all excited and worried of his new steps :) his family origins are German, Italian and native american, i’m always excited to meet native american blood, i’m fascinated by their culture, and although meeting somebody with those roots doesn’t mean that the person is connected to the culture, it still excites me, since he carries the legacy of his people and this is their present.

His dream is to just be happy.


Committing to being happy is a choice; It expands ideas of good and bad, it gives responsibility to one’s happiness and diminishes the victim feeling that different situations in life inspire so easily.


He takes me further then he intended in the beginning and we part happy to have met each other.

As i was hitching in my new spot i witnessed a car accident right in front of my eyes, i needed to move from my standing point so the out of control car won’t hit me, wow!

A pick-up truck driver switched lanes without looking and hit a mini cooper that span out of control, hit another car and eventually stopped it’s chaotic motion at the road barrier.

Nobody got hurt, only car damage, and shocked drivers.

I came up to the pick-up truck driver, whom was crying, I told him that everybody is ok.

I didn’t really want to hang around at that junction any more, so i was hitching more intensively with more direct eye contact with drivers, happily it worked fast and i was back on the road.

Driver number two, big dude 190 cm, deep voice, ex military, polish jewish roots - he immediately shared and said shalom as i said that im from Israel,  now mechanic engineer, hates his job, an alcoholic, his sanity is with his girl friend - my blond, he calls her, only with her, he manages not to drink.  He shares with me his injuries and pains, this is the reason he drinks, to numb the pain, I immediately share my knowledge of alignment yoga, osteopathy and different ways of living with less or with out pain; I can only hope that i planted a seed of change, that’s my only intention, the rest is up to him. He drops me off at a truck stop on 301 road, right next to a tiny town called Baldwin.


Well, Baldwin was my stop :)


As i was positioning myself for the next hitch, a boy in his late teens came up to me and started a conversation, Blake, he had interesting eyes, and we clicked right off :)

He’s hitch hiking as well, heading out west to Arizona to be at  home before christmas, like the song he says; He ran out of home a year ago and has been cruising around the USA, learning the life of the dirty kids. He travels in teams, road dogs, and crossed coast to coast with 4(?!) people in 9 days.

He tells me of another hitch hiker in the area and offers to team up :)


I’ve only met hitch hikers on the road in Israel, definitely never teamed up with one, and since i’m all connecting to what Earth has to offer and we clicked well, i decide to go for it, so we team up :)


We all met - Eduard ( which i kept on calling Eduardo ), Blake and myself, the feeling was good, so we confirmed our togetherness, found out that we all love weed and preceded  celebrating our union with a joint under the bridge :)

We ended up mostly hanging out, playing music and chatting than hitch hiking :) the Earth was about to turn to the dark of the night so we found a spot in the woods by the high way, made fire, ate the food that we managed to receive from kind hearted people that reacted to our “just food” sign, and fell asleep as our talking slowly died out.


Second day we tried a bit more of hitch hiking but yet again we ended up hanging out playing music and getting to know all  the roadies in the area. Who knew that people get stuck in Baldwin?!!

Bam is an interesting character, 31, has been on the road for 10 years, a professional train hopper :) just got a guitar around the same time i got my uke so he plays and sings :) he got stuck in Baldwin cause his girlfriend is pregnant and she’s waiting to get her licence back :)

The moment i heard that train hopping, i was hooked!

“There is a train heading west to New Orleans, it stops at 21:00 at the train yard”

My mind was set.

New Orleans is my first wanted stop, hopping on trains?!! that sounds rad!

The out law in me gloated with excitement and pretty much dismissed all the ride opportunities that might have come up :)

and so it was.

20:30 we were at the location that Bam has told us about, hiding in the shadows, kinda hoping to meet him again for some close guiding. The sound of the train!!! coming from.. the west.. aham :)

I convince the boys that this is a train FROM the west, and not TO the west, pointing out the direction that the sun has set .. this worked.. :) The train stops, right about where we were hiding, and we ponder, ponder what is our next move :)

Blake, is ninja!

he embarks upon a patrol mission, checking out the train and how it is.  I approached the train as well, my heart beating slightly faster as i get close to the main wagon, the train stands so high, makes low beasty sounds, Blake ventured to the other side of the rail, he disappeared  for a while, so i followed his steps slowly in pitch black, to my surprise, I bump into him chatting and sharing a cigaret with a couple that lives just there, and the man, used to train hop!!!??


He shares with us more tips, reminds us how dangerous it is, and assures us that there will be more trains through the night heading west.

We decide to stick around and give it another go.

Ninja boy here, ventures ahead and finds a train hoppers spot in the woods with 10 hard ciders welcoming us  with a note, that “Pan treated us, so we shall treat you” :)

NO WAY #2!!!!

We drop our bags,

-i have two bags, one weights around 30-35 kg and another one around 10-15kg :) Well, skydiving doesn’t allow to travel light :) -

enjoy the ciders and talks until sleep sneaks upon us.

I hear a train heading west around 3AM, we were kinda sleeping, and it didn’t stop for long.

The dawn breaks, I wake up first (way after dawn), start packing up, train horn! I wake the boys, we start packing as fast as we can, but the train didn’t wait and went on west with out us.


We need to reassess everything and we need a shower :) Edu knows papa Smirth, a local with a trailer that allows roadies to pass by just a bit.

That’s where i learn that changed my plans has changed and i have no time to hitch to Chile.


I don’t know what to do ?! no hitching to Chile?! noooooo, i want to so badly!!! I’m already emotionally attached to that journey. aaaaaahh, ok, so what should i do??

I let the news sink in as we end up hanging out at papa Smirth’s trailer, myself, Blake, Edu, and LT, papa Smirth joined us just for a tiny bit.

LT, a dude in his mid 60, ex vietnam, ex CIA, and god gifted musician!

That was a pleasure hanging out with him listening to his story and music!

We spent another night in the woods, getting lucky with food once again.

How to get food when there’s no money?

Well first leave shame out :) then chatting with restaurants for food after closing is an option but might hold dickhead managers that don’t like to share the throw away food, but people are awesome and they over hear your conversation, so they want to help out :)

A truck driver gave us his home cooked meal, and another gentleman gave me 5$ to get food in the restaurant, the waitresses were awesome and helped as well.

So we missioned out food and went to our old spot in the woods for a another great night next to the fire :)

The next day i figured out my moves and decided to head back, Blake and Edu finally got a ride - Edu was in Baldwin for a week and Blake for 3 days.

We parted with joy hugs and a connection.


I am a solo rider. I like the freedom of it, the lack of judgement, the diversity, the ease of my own company, i was happy to get back to it again, and, i travel way faster that way! :)

just a short wait and i got my first ride :)

i did a funny loop on the roads, going east then a bit north and then finally south again to the direction of DeLand.

All my rides were awesome, with great talks, lots of laughs and inspiration.

I shared my email with everybody and invited them to visit me in Berlin, even in two years :)

That is a mission for me as i travel to share freedom, to share  possibilities , to inspire people to do what they really want, and if they don’t know what they want, to ask them what makes them happy? what they love doing? that is part of the randomness that i like so much about hitch hiking. I take myself out of my bubble and get to touch and influence many other bubbles in direct communication!!!

I’m not a fan of small talk specially not on-line, but when i am present with someone in the same space, the talking is magic- it is sharing life.


My last ride home was the cherry on the top of the ice cream.

two bikers in a truck. we clicked instantly as i was meeting old buddies from back in the day :) we haven’t stopped laughing, filled the car with smoke ;) shared some stories and they dropped me off at home :) we clicked so well that we decided to meet up the next day! they stay only 20 min from where i was in DeLand :)

Being on the road is something that i was inspired by American culture, “On the road” by Jack Kerouac is one of my favourite books; I couldn’t finish my time in America in a better way.

Meeting the hitch hiking community, experiencing the off-bit life style, the bikers culture and sharing  music, and most important of all i wasn't wearing a bra this whole time. True freedom ;)

© Copyright 2019 Anna G. All rights reserved.

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