The Play Date

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One person's blender is another's salvation.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



‘Will you want coffee before your appointment?’  Sue asked Tim as he approached her standing at the stove.

‘You’re weird’, he replied. 

‘Maybe a smoothie instead?  You know how they calm your nerves.’

‘How is a smoothie gonna help?That man is going to stick something in my butt and there is nothing …

‘BBRRRRRRTT’, said Susie.  ‘You’re silly.  Smoothies help everything’.  Susie continued making the ‘BBRRRRRTT’ noise of the imaginary blender with her mouth.


Across the doctor’s waiting room Tim’s father sat next to little Susie’s mother.  ‘Isn’t it cute how two kids who’ve never met can just become friends?  Look at those two, I think they’re playing house.’

‘Uh huh’ said Susie’s mother as she pretended to read a magazine.  Her attention was equally divided between ignoring the creep next to her and keeping a watchful eye on her daughter.

Not getting the hint that he was being ignored, Tim’s father continued.  ‘Do you think it’s a rule that every children’s doctor has to have the same old toys in the waiting room.  The plastic kitchen set, I guess I understand, I mean your daughter seems to love it but what is that wire thing with the beads for?  Does any kid ever play with that?’


‘Here you go’ said Susie as she placed an imaginary smoothie next to Tim; followed by an urgent, ‘OH WAIT!  I forgot the sprinkles.’  She turned and ran off towards some pretend cabinet.

Tim made the motion of knocking over the smoothie.  ‘Listen, I only agreed to play House with you because I wanted to be distracted.  It’s not working.  Soon that doctor is going to stick a needle in me…’

Susie returned and mimed spooning sprinkles onto the smoothie, completely ignoring Tim’s plight. 

‘What I really need is some sort of weapon…’ Tim thought out loud and proceeded to glance around.


The doctor entered and called for Tim.  Tim’s father stood up and walked to his son.  Tussling the boy’s hair he said to Susie’s mom, ‘Maybe we could get together sometime.  The kids could have a play date or something.’

Susie’s mom made it a point of turning the magazine page with her left hand showing her wedding ring and just calmly shook her head. 


Unfazed by the departure of her ‘’husband’’ Susie turned her attention to a newly arrived boy.  ‘Hi, I’m Susie.  We’re gonna play house.  I’ll make you a smoothie’.  Then to herself, ‘Now where did I leave that smoothie machine…’


From behind the door to the doctor’s exam room Tim shouted, ‘STICK THAT NEEDLE IN YOUR OWN BUTT!  I’VE GOT A RAY GUN!  BBRRRRRTT!’


‘I can’t seem to find my smoothie machine, how bout cookies instead?’  Susie asked her new friend…





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