kings qurrel

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a little short story i did about the conflict between two kings. hope you enjoy, and i will continue it if you guys ( the readers) want more.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



We ran through the sewers after of all just barely making it out of the palace alive, after we just robbed the king of his most precious treasure, his crown. While I thinking about where I could trade this in and get gold and how I’m going to split it 3 ways Michael, Rose, and I, I almost fell over a piece of garbage that was left out. You see in london the sewer system is very awful, it smells like a piece of moldy cheese that's been left out in the sun to long, it's nasty and grimy, and when you run you had along the walls your hand comes back black, so it’s not the best place to go on a stroll, but when you're escaping from a squadron of soldiers that want to kill you, then you might get away because if they know the city well, then they're going to think twice about coming in here. When we make it back to our safehouse, after coming out of the sewers,  Rose immediately goes to take a shower ( you know how women are about hygiene)  and tells us that she’ll see us later, and I tell michael to rest up because I’m going to take them out later to celebrate. Before I take a nap myself there’s somewhere I needed to go first. I finally get to where I’m going, winded from my jogg here. This place is all I’ve known for 5 years and it looks just the same. It’s a 2 story house that’s painted baby blue, the windows have a red painted frame, which is across from another window of the same color, and  both of them are on opposite sides of the door. I walk up the three steps before grabbing on a iron handle that's coming out of a lion’s mouth that feels cold yet familiar. Knocking the handle on the wood door gave a familiar ‘’bong……... bong’’ sound on the wooden door.


A beautiful lady that looks no older than 50 wearing a silk blue dress answers the door and says “ Hey Son’’, and invites me in for some tea, I sit at the tanish chair, and as she serves me some tea she asks “ So son how’s carpeting going”


So if your still reading my story you could tell somethings off. My mom thinks I’ve got a carpenter business ( which I do on the side) and I use that to explain how I make a lot of money. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you who I am. My name is Leonardo Ross Bryant the third, but you can just call me Leo. I am the king of thieves, the one that King Michael hates ( the current king of sylvania). I have two best friends Rose and Michael ( they said they didn't want their full names in my story) we’ve been through everything together we used to be orphans until I got adopted, but luckily they got adopted the next day after me.  We just pulled off the biggest heist ever, and got away with it with our heads still attached. So now to the present, my mom thinks I’m a carpenter because honestly what son is going to tell their mom their a King of thieves.


( back to my story) “ It’s going good mom, we just got hired to do the king’s furnishing and he even paid us 500 gold up front ( I had to lie about this because selling the crown is going to give a lot of money)

“ Oh! That’s great sweetie, so are you going to celebrate with your friends”?

* joy filled laughter from leo*

“ yeah mom we are, you know me so well”.

“ Alright, then I suggest you get ready then, so you won’t be late as the host of your own celebration”.

“ okay, mom I’m going to get ready to go out so see you later”.

“ Oh, yeah and son did you know that the king’s crown got stolen ?”

“ Oh no mom it’s my first time hearing it, that’s amazing that someone got past the defences”

“ Yeah, but I was telling you so you’ll be careful at the king’s palace”

“ Ok mom I’ll be back ( It hurts to lie to her ,but I still can’t tell her the truth)”.

“ Love you mom, talk to you later”

“ Ok, love you too sweetie”

When I walk out of the house I feel like somebody's watching me, but I'm really paranoid so I just discard the thought and go to meet my friends at the bar to celebrate the best heist in thieves history.


When we get back from partying Rose and I walk Michael back to his house, he's always partying hard and getting wasted every time, but Rose and I are moderate drinkers (sometimes), when we get to his house we wish him a good night. While I walk Rose to her house she says “how's your mom”

“She's good I'm going to visit her after I walk you home”

“Oh we could go there first if you want”

“You sure?”

“Yeah it will be nice to her I haven't seen her in a while”

“Alright come on it’s this way”


When we get their I walk up to the handle and when I touch it the door creaks open and my heart drops.


Rose says “wait Leo” but I barely hear her as I run up to my mom's room my eyes watering and all I'm thinking about is the one person who took care of me and been there through my ups and downs and I'm hoping she's ok. When I make it up to my mom’s room I want to die when I see her laying in a pool of her own blood with a note attached to her. As I pick up the note my fingers tremble and when I touch the starch paper and I’m already crying knowing that the person who loved me the most and trusted me with everything is gone, and it hurts that I lied to her all my life and I can't pay her back with the honesty that she deserves. As I force my eyes to read the paper it says “ I know who you are king of thieves, you took something of mine and now I took something of yours”. He doesn't even have to sign his name for me to know who he is, it’s the one person I've just stolen from, the people's king and I know by the morning his guards are going to find him lying in a pool of his own blood. Before I leave Rose says “Leo don't do this, there’s other ways to get revenge than death”

“The only revenge I want is death”

“ok but remember that you don't have to go down this road of death and revenge”


I finally make it to the king's palace already tired and drenched in sweat. The cobblestone walls look like a prison and I think it’s the perfect place to end the king's tyranny. I walk into the palace knowing that he’s going to be waiting for me and when I get there I see him with his  sword in hand and no guard around him.


“ Good you came king of thieves let us fight to see who’s the real king”


“ die you murderer”

I rush at him with my sword swinging high looking for blood, but he parry's my sword with fast reflexes, by now it's starting to rain so we're both fighting to keep balance with the sole of our shoes. We both fight with fierceness and I finally get the upper hand when he slips and falls and I say “it's over” I raise my sword above my head to finish this when something impales me in the shoulder and I cry out as  I fall while he gets up. I look at my shoulder and see its impaled with a arrow.

Damn, I should've know he would never fight fair, so I say” so you're a cheat too huh, do your worst”

He raises his sword above his head and says “ I will do my worst, and who says a king should play fair”.


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